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2019-2020 Issues

September 2019

The site that has been hosting our PDF versions of print recently became monetized and now will not allow us to use an embed code to directly link to our uploaded issues.

All past issues from 2018-19 and before are still working fine.

But if you click here, you should be directed to the page with the September issue. It has all the same functionality of the other pages, it just doesn’t have a direct link on this page to take you to the upload site. Isn’t capitalism great?

October 2019

Click here for our October issue.

November 2019

Click here for our November issue.

December 2019

Click here for our December issue.

January 2020

Click here for our January issue.

February 2020

Click here for our February issue.

March 2020

Click here for our March issue.

April 2020

Click here for our April issue.

May 2020

Click here for our May Issue.

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2019-2020 Issues