Kicker tarnishes career and family

Josh Brown admits to abusing his wife and is dropped from the Giants.

Kicker Josh Brown

Kicker Josh Brown

The New York Giants finally released Josh Brown on October 52016 due to domestic abuse allegations and blatant proof that the kicker actually did abuse his now ex-wife, Molly Brown.

Josh brown with his now ex-wife Molly Brown (credit by New York Daily News)
Josh brown with his now ex-wife Molly Brown
(credit by New York Daily News)

When the news of the domestic abuse arrest of Josh Brown came to light, the NFL suspended him for just one game.  Then… the journals were released.

Josh Brown recorded his actions in a journal, which gives detailed accounts of him beating his ex-wife by saying, “I have physically, mentally, emotionally, and verbally been a repulsive man.”

He fully admitted to actually beating his wife in that same journal entry.  His horrifying journal entries also include him stating that he started to “use and abuse” women at the age of seven!  Not to mention he also said, “I viewed myself as God basically and she was my slave.”

The NFL really should have had a better handle on this considering the Ray Rice incident last year.  


Giants owner, John Mara, and Kicker Josh Brown (Credit by New York Post)
Giants owner, John Mara, and Kicker Josh Brown
(Credit by New York Post)

Giants fan Jake Mulligan said, “Brown is a mediocre kicker, and apparently a mediocre human being as well.” What really bothered Jake, was the fact that Giants owner signed him fully knowing of Brown abusing his wife.  Recent news shows that Giants owner John Mara was told by none other than Brown himself, that he was abusing his wife.  Mara later signed him back to the team. 

 After Brown’s arrest last year, the NFL should have investigated the case and gave him no chance of playing football this year.

“The NFL needs to do a better job with this issue considering it has happened multiple times over the past couple of years,” said long time Giants fan Mitch Mohan who was shocked by the actions of the Giants owner. 

“My dad was raised in New York, so I have followed the Giants my whole life.”  He was surprised that the owner signed Brown because “why would you sign someone who is going to inevitably get caught,”

 Then there is the issue of how these players should be punished.  “There should not be a lifelong ban, but there should be a severe fine”, Mohan said. 

Senior football player Eric Reuss says that people make mistakes and should not be banned for life.  “People make mistakes.  There is no excuse for what Josh did, but he should not be banned for life,” Reuss said. 

However, at the age of 37 years old, I don’t think Josh Brown will have the opportunity to kick for a team again. 

Players around the league have expressed their disgust with Josh Brown and the NFL.  It is understandable to see why. 

Josh Brown in my opinion deserves a lifelong ban from the NFL for what he did.  There is no excuse for what he has done and he needs to be punished. 

Steve Smith's reaction to Josh Brown (credit by
Steve Smith’s reaction to Josh Brown
(credit by

The NFL let the Giants sign a player who they knew was abusing his wife.  This is unacceptable and needs to change in the near future, because I bet there are more of these players still in the league and still harming others.