Barstool Sports moves to Sirius XM


Photoshopped by myself

Barstool Sports the famous blog created by Dave Portnoy has taken American by storm. The company has grown quickly with the company’s move to New York last year. The company has been very successful with making podcasts. Since then the company has gotten a spot on Sirius XM radio channel 93.

“I’ve been a stoolie for a pretty long time. Probably started looking at them four years ago. It all started from my friend showing me it. I thought the content they wrote about/did was hilarious and was my type of humor. They really know how to draw towards people especially younger kids, ” said long time Stoolie Josh Moore.

Pardon My Take the podcast

Barstool had their first episode this past week. Some “Stoolies” or barstool die-hards thought the show was great and others thought it wasn’t very good. They talked about everything from sports to Kanye on the first episode and will have similar content on every episode. Also, what they are doing that is different from other podcasts is that fans will be able to call into the show to ask questions or give their opinion on whatever content Barstool is talking about that day.
“I actually listened to a little bit of the first episode on Sirius. I think it will basically be like a podcast with other Barstool workers coming in each day and talking about things happening in the world today or pres asking questions about anything going on with Barstool to his co workers that are on. Also they will be taking callers in answering questions they may have about Barstool. I think this was a huge step for them trying to get more stoolies especially outside the northeast and mid-west area,” said Moore regarding the Sirius XM channel.

Barstool Sports has the slogan “By the Common Man For the Common Man” and most of their content reflects that. This helps them to grow in popularity as well by appealing to men all over America. I remember when I first got into Barstool it was an article written by Kmarko, one of my favorite writers for Barstool. It was written about an email that Josh wrote to another team in his intramural flag football league. This got me hooked and by retweeting and sharing some of their stories via Twitter. This has led to others reading Barstool which continues the growth in popularity.

The Barstool Logo

“I think Barstool has gotten a lot of popularity due to what they are doing with their content. Their podcasts are getting a lot of well known people to come in like on Pardon My Take. The people they get may tweet about it to get it out there. They were in the Boston flugtag which was nationally televised. Big Cat, one of the bigger writers for Barstool was in the national hot dog eating contest, which adds to their popularity. It’s just stuff like this that gets their name around. Also got to give it to the stoolies bringing more people in showing their friends it, retweeting tweets to show their followers. Them moving to New York bringing them together has already brought a ton of content and more people towards them,” added Josh.

So as far as content goes it will be pretty similar to the podcast and the rundowns. I think that fans being able to call in to the station is huge for popularity because it adds a more interesting side to each show. I think it was a big step for the company, by getting this slot on Sirius XM and with the recent deal with Comedy Central. their popularity level will only rise. Last, if you are wanting to listen to the channel on Sirius XM it is on Channel 93 from Noon to 2:00 everyday.