Ware back in action

Louisville guard, Kevin Ware, is back in action after a gruesome leg injury from the Elite Eight.

Ware back in action

For anybody who was following the NCAA Basketball Tournament, or simply turned on ESPN or any news station  April 2nd, a story about a gruesome injury sustained by Louisville guard, Kevin Ware, would have been featured.

Ware was injured in the Elite 8 game against the Duke Blue Devils. He was contesting a shot from just outside the perimeter, when he landed very awkwardly on his right leg, causing it to buckle over, and forcing his bone to penetrate through the skin, all seen on national television.

Kevin’s injury has been voted on multiple websites as the worst injury the sports world has ever seen. The diagnosis was an open fracture on the right leg. Many basketball analysts counted Ware out for not only the next season, but the rest of his career all together.

Kevin proved them wrong this past week, dunking for the first time since his injury. Footage from Chris Jones’ (Teammate) Instagram account shows ware getting up and slamming it down like he always could.

The Louisville team in the tournament games following the injury had a “Win for Ware” campaign, which led them to be the National Champions.  Many of the players said that Ware’s injury inspired them.

Ware’s immediate treatment was a main factor in his swift recovery.

According to NBC Sports, Ware has “no doubt he’ll play next season”.

Megan Brandt, Elder’s student trainer, would expect an Elder student to be back in about a year if sustaining the same injury.

“It’s not really surprising,” sadi Brandt. “All he is doing for half his day is rehab, and Elder students don’t have access to that.” Brandt believes that Ware will be able to bounce back and play his best game, if not better. “Kenyon Martin did it,” said Brandt.

Lindsey Ackerman, a graduate of Seton High School (2013), attends the University of Louisville and was in the presence of Ware on Sunday night. “He looked like a normal guy to be honest,” said Ackerman. “The only thing that stood out was how tall and lanky he was.”

Ackerman also watched the Duke game.

“I first saw it while eating dinner, which was not pleasant at all, but after seeing him on campus I realized that he’s just another UofL student that just so happened to snap his leg for everyone to see on TV.”

From what Lindsey has been hearing around campus, Kevin is doing well.

“I’m very excited for the basketball season this year, especially because I bought season tickets,” she said.  “I’m sure his return will be very moving at the KFC Yum! Center when he steps on the court.”

It seems that the whole world is pulling for the great and inspiring story of the Louisville junior guard. Questions have arisen if Ware would still be having thoughts of aggravating the injury every time he jumps. But knowing his heart and determination, Ware will persevere and pull through again.

Click the link below to see Ware back dunking again :