The effects of social media

Social media is a great place to catch up with friends, but, is it all good?


kids looking at each others phones instead of actually having a conversation

We are a generation of slaves and our phones and computers are the handcuffs. We are the first generation that, if we don’t have our phones on us at all times, feels empty and alone. At every social gathering the majority of the people are on their phones instead of having actual interaction. At concerts and sports events people are recording instead of paying attention. Social media and the devices that we are addicted to are causing a major impact on our lives. 

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a chemical that is responsible for carrying signals between the neurons and the brain. Dopamine is responsible for the feeling of accomplishment or fulfillment. Dopamine is the reason you feel so good after you complete a workout or win a basketball game.

Every time we post, share, ‘like,’ comment or send an invitation online, we are creating an expectation. we feel a sense of belonging and advance our concept of self through sharing.

— RadiumOne

According to a study by the marketing firm, RadiumOne, social media is a “dopamine gold mine”.

“Every time we post, share, ‘like,’ comment or send an invitation online, we are creating an expectation. we feel a sense of belonging and advance our concept of self through sharing.”

Whenever we get a notification from social media it’s instant gratification. You never know who that notification will be from or what about. But this feeling is fleeting.

A recent national study done by Computers in Human Behavior showed that you are much more likely to be depressed if you are on several form’s of social media:

“The analysis showed that people who reported using the most platforms (seven to 11) had more than three times the risk of depression and anxiety (odds ratio of 3.08 and 3.27, respectively) than people who used the least amount (zero to 2 platforms).”

Receiving positive feedback from likes and comments online could be perceived as positive, but, social media is becoming a place to create a different, better, happier version of ourselves. People see posts and think “Wow that person is so beautiful,” or “I wish I was that happy,” (spiral of envy) then in order to try and obtain that same reaction from others they post edited or deceiving pictures to try and create a life that everyone else would desire.

People need their phones to be constantly receiving notifications so we can get that dopamine high but then we start molding these fake persona’s to get likes and comments and they become depressed because they are not actually the person that everyone thinks they are.

The current generation cannot go anywhere without being on social media. Social media causes people to compare themselves to others which makes them construct a fake version of them self. The construction of these fake social media personas are making people depressed. People need to stop caring about other’s and start focusing on their real selves. Phone’s and social media aren’t inherently bad. But when we use social media in order to get instant gratification and become reliant on that gratification its time for a change.