Pardon My Take revolutionizing the sports podcast

The Best Podcast Ever


The sports world is very compelling and interests many people.  Many analysts out there give their takes such as First Take and Pardon the Interruption.  Stephen A. Smith, Colin Cowherd, and Skip Bayless provide the conventional takes.  Conventional sports listeners who are tired of the political correctness of these commentators have Pardon My Take presented by Barstool Sports.

Big Cat (left) and PFT Commenterr (right) with Coach Jim Harbaugh

Narrated by Big Cat and PFT Commenter who are just casual sports fans.  Their producer Hank Lockwood sometimes gives his opinions on certain matters.  Pardon My Take begins with Big Cat telling the listeners what they will cover in the episode and who their special guest is.  Guest on Pardon My Take are usually sports stars and every guest is referred to as recurring guests.  They do sometimes branch out and get guests who have nothing to do with sports such as Imagine Dragons and Rob Lowe.  Recurring guests include David Ortiz, Blake Griffin, Blake Bortles, Jim Harbaugh, Jared Goff and many more.  During the interview, they ask the unconventional questions and try to get a laugh out of their guests.  The guest usually tell the most compelling stories because of the lacked environment that Big Cat and PFT create.  Both are just as interested as anyone is by the people they are interviewing.  Some of the best interviews are the people who just say the everyday life of a professional athlete.

The best part of the show however is the various segments they do such as “Hurt or Injured”, “Who’s Back of the Week”, “Hot Seat Cool Throne”, “Bachelor Talk for People Who Don’t Watch ‘The Bachelor'”, “Mount Rushmore”, “Quickest Recap in NFL History”, and many more.  Mount Rushmore is a seasonal segment to satirize other sports broadcasters for making ridiculous Mount Rushmore’s during the summer because there is less sports news.  Mount Rushmore’s are the top four of anything.  In Pardon My Take’s case, they will do Mount Rushmore’s on ballpark foods, road-trip activities, best cartoons, and even pool side activities.  These segments are hilariously satirical.  The segments were they talk about “The Bachelor” is to satirize the many sports shows who actually talk about pop-culture on sports shows.  They talk about how silly the sports world is and how the shows contribute it.

Big Cat and PFT with quarterback Andy Dalton

If there is, any flaw in Pardon My Take is that some could argue that it is too laid back. Big Cat who is from Chicago often goes on rants about Chicago based teams.  Big Cat after the Cubs lost to Colorado Rockies in the Wild Card round of the 2018 MLB Playoffs just talked about that for almost a whole episode.  PFT and Hank are no different and sometimes forget that they are producing a show for all sports fans.  However, this is the beauty of the show. The show is just casual sports and life talk.  The point of the show I think is to take the listener out of reality and just enjoy life.  Pardon My Take never talks politics except to make fun of it.  They ridicule everything and everyone.  They spoof almost anything.  During the NFL draft many scouts were talking about quarterback prospect Josh Allen from Wyoming.  Josh Allen was praised for being tall and having big hands.  The PMT boys loved that and though it was outlandish and hilarious.  They spoofed the fact that NFL scouts look at a players height and hand size when evaluating prospects.  They find things like this and make fun of them all the time.  Barstool Sports original motto was “For the common man by the common man” and that is true for Pardon My Take.  That is who Pardon My Take appeals to the common man.