Brockhampton: New Generation Boyband

Brockhampton has incredible first year


Picture of the full group together

Los Angeles based boyband, Brockhampton, has been making waves in the past few months being one of the largest and most critically acclaimed bands in the past few years. They have released four albums in the past year and each one of them has received individual acclaim yet no one can agree which of them is the best.

The 15 member band consists of guys ranging from rappers to art directors. Originally meeting online through the Kanye West fan forum, the group is a completely self-sufficient “creative powerhouse”.

On their second album in as many months, the Los Angeles rap crew keep developing their sleek and cool performance style but offer new bouts of aggression and swagger.”

— Pitchfork

Saturation One, their debut album, showed incredible promise. It was rated a 97% on Google music and a 6.5 on Pitchfork and featured the incredible lyricism and vocals of the members of the group. Tracks like “Gold” or “Heat” showed their versatile chorus’ and others like “Star” showed their intense lyricism. This album was a great debut to put Brockhampton on the map.

Their next album, Saturation Two, received even better ratings having a 98% on Google music and a 7.2 on Pitchfork. Pitchfork explained,

Brockhampton took their fantastic lyricism and flow and brought more emotion to it. Saturation One talked about more surface level concepts while Saturation Two grasped deeper concepts like drug addiction or Kevin Abstracts sexual identity. In the short period of two months Brockhampton vastly improved their music and created a second masterpiece.

There are more memorable performances, and more fascinatingly unorthodox compositions servicing them.”

— Pitchfork

The last album in the Saturation trilogy, Saturation Three, continued the trend of increasing ratings receiving a 99% on Google music and a 7.5 on Pitchfork. Pitchfork’s review explained:

“There are more memorable performances, and more fascinatingly unorthodox compositions servicing them.”

For their third album of the year Brockhampton did not disappoint. The production quality improved tremendously, their verses and chorus’ become much more thought out and their instrumentals and beats were unbelievable for such a new group.

The most recent addition to Brockhampton’s library is their album Iridescence. Iridescence was probably the weakest but most experimental album so far. This was the lowest rated but still has an impressive 96% on Google music and 6.4 on Pitchfork. YouTube personality and critic Anthony Fantano enjoyed the album but said it had its flaws. He explained that it shows emotional and creative maturation despite occasionally gimmicky production and some members getting outshined by others.

Brockhampton’s first year and a half has been one of the most impressive of any band ever. Four albums in this short time frame is impressive enough but for it to be self-sufficient and fantastic makes the feat that more amazing. Brockhampton will definitely be a powerhouse to look out for in the future.