The Listy day off

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Matthew Listerman

Matthew Listerman and Maxwell Deters smiling on a purple Friday

Every other Monday in the halls of Elder high school, Elder misses Matthew Listerman.

Matthew Listerman
Matthew Listerman and Maxwell Deters smiling on a purple Friday

Listerman is a senior here at Elder High School. He is known around the school for usually not being in school on a consecutive basis. He usually skips every other Monday, wanting a four day week and a three day weekend. He has missed so many days of school that when other students decide to skip school, some teachers will call it “taking a Listy day off”.

 I had a chance to interview Listerman, otherwise known as “Listy”, and asked him a few questions about his day off.

I asked him what makes him stay home? Does he say he is skipping the night before or wake up in the morning and decide to skip?

His response was, “Well I usually stay up till three in the morning watching Netflix or playing video games, then I wake up in the morning and am very tired so I decide to go back to bed.”

Then he talked about what he does on his day off. He said, “I usually play video games or watch tv shows all day”. He plays video games like Red Dead Redemption Two, Call of Duty, or Grand Theft Auto. He watches the shows Friends, Rick and Morty, or just some good NBA highlights from the night before. His favorites of these are Rick and Morty and Grand Theft Auto.

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Cover of Red Dead Redemption 2

 With all these days off, how much trouble have you gotten in for missing too many days of school.

 “Oh yeah, I have gotten in trouble, in the past two years I have received about 12 demerits,” said Listy.

“I have never skipped a detention day,” Listy said with a laugh.

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The cover of Rick and Morty

Skipping school comes with a price, although an off day and skipping school sounds amazing, there is a price to be paid.

For Listy, skipping every other Monday earned him 12 demerits that he would have to serve on his Saturdays.

In conclusion, the “Daily Listy Day Off” consists of an abnormal sleep schedule and a lot of video games, laying around, eating, and watching shows.

He has started his last term at Elder and his legacy will be remembered as he graduates this May.