Harper no longer a “free” agent



Bryce Harper signing a 13 year $330 million contract with the Phillies

Bryce Harper was a free agent for quite some time, but it finally came to an end.

Harper became a free agent back on October 29, 2018. Harper was with the Washington Nationals since 2010 and he has had 351 at-bats with 184 homeruns in his MLB career.

Bob Nightengale says, “The Los Angeles Dodgers don’t really need him, but suddenly badly want him.” He continues, “The San Francisco Giants may not win with him, but he can be their greatest one-man marketing act since Barry Bonds.” However, the Giants probably have the best chance with Harper considering their offer with a 10-year contract. But why did Harper become a free agent in the first place?

Harper became a free agent because he turned down a 10 year $300 million contract that was offered to him on September 26th at the final National’s home game. No position player has ever received a deal worth more than $27.5 million average annual value. Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said, “I’m comfortable with the alternative to Harper re-signing, but I’m uncomfortable with the statement that we’re a better team without him.” It is unlikely that Harper will go back to the Washington Nationals due to the Giants talking to him about a 10-year contract.

However, on March 2 Harper signed a 13 year $330 million contract with the Phillies. Harper’s contract is the biggest overall contract in  MLB history. Noone has ever received a $330 million contract before. Jim Bowden, the resident GM says, “I think that the Phillies did a great job with this deal, because they tied him up for thirteen years at $330 million.” Harper will be wearing the number 3 through his career for the Phillies, Harper says, “Number 3 is a family number, but It will be hard seeing 3 instead of 34.”

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Harper arguing with an umpire

Harper plays right field and is also know to get angry with the umpires. He has been ejected more than 10 times and won’t back down after he has been tossed. He usually disagrees with the call that the umpire makes with a strike as seen here. (Harper yelling at Umpire)

This is just one of many ejections for Harper. Even though Bryce Harper might seem like a bad guy on the field, he helps many off of the field. Harper is dedicated to help the lives of kids with cancer by his charity foundation “Going to Bat.” Harper invites the children and the families of the children to watch him play in a game for the Nationals and to meet him.

But now the kids will see him play for the Phillies.