Through the lens


Jack Langen and Adam Duwel, the dynamic Video Production Team Duo

Do you want to relive the football games or have people see your events from their own home?

Elder’s Video Production Team is the key to making that a reality.

This team goes to various events ranging from games such as football and hockey to Mr. Allen’s 50th Year of Teaching Celebration. The team members are the people who take the videos and construct highlight videos. They also do a lot of the behind the scenes work because they are the ones who “break down the equipment after the game and put it back into the studio.” This group’s leader is Mr. Fuell himself. He believes that “the most rewarding part of this club is seeing the students progress as they get more involved” in it.

Langen looking through the players to get the shot

Senior Jack Langen got involved in this club because he was in awe when he saw highlights from his grade school games. Langen’s philosophy for anyone wanting to join this club would be to just “go for it. If the broadcast world is something that interests you, go do it.” The team also consists of students, like junior Adam Duwel, that were not interested in this kind of activity going into Elder. Duwel recalls a time when Elder played Moeller in football and was asked to do this by Mr. Rogers and Mr. Fuell. Duwel “agreed to [join the club] that night and [he hasn’t] looked back.” According to Langen, Duwel even shows a higher level of commitment toward this team. Langen told me that Duwel has driven to places like Mason, and that may not be a long ride for some of us, but Duwel lives in Indiana. “So, anything that’s short for us is far for him. That’s impressive.”

Langen and Duwel agree that the Video Production Team is a great way to meet new people. They have been fortunate to meet people in this type of business who helped them learn the ins and outs of it and find out new tricks. These are two people that really like to learn about video production. In fact, Duwel credits this team with giving him “a purpose and a drive.” He needed a passion and believes that he may have found his career path.

In my opinion, Duwel and Langen are two of the most committed people who strive for Altiora. I truly believe they want to be the best Elder men they can be because of how dedicated they are to the Video Production team. This club could be a way for you to be more involved with Elder because of how much you can go to. This club offers the opportunity to go to Elder events that you may not attend otherwise. This might just be your passion and, like Duwel and Langen, something you want to do for the rest of your life.