Tar Heels on the rise


With the exciting performance last night in East Lansing, Michigan, North Carolina showed how good they can really be. But how can this team have so many ups and downs?

The Tar Heels are 5-2 with both loses coming to teams that are unranked and not even close to being ranked. NC lost to Belmont 83-80 on November 17th, which is now 8-2, and UAB on December 1st. UAB has lost to Temple and New Mexico. Looking with the current trend the Tar Heels will most likely lose to UNC Greensboro, who is 4-4, but then come back and beat Kentucky.
Most likely the only reason they keep losing to the bad teams and beating the good teams is because they are so unpredictable. They are 123rd with only averaging around 77 points per game. They also are ranked 70th in field goal percentage with just below .5% at a whopping .477%.
Another huge hit that is straining the Tar Heels is the fact that two of their best players are currently suspended P.J. Hairston, who led UNC in scoring last year is suspended because of multiple violation of traffic laws back in July in a car that is tied to a convicted felon. As well as Leslie McDonald who was supposed to replace Dexter Strickland, was suspended because of allegations of endorsing mouth guards. The NCAA is extremely strict on players receiving endorsements or sponsors.
UNC has Kentucky this Saturday December 14, 2013 at home. This should be a very close played game. It hurts a lot that UNC doesn’t have two of their premier players, but their back up guys are stepping up and really flowing well almost as if they aren’t even missing a step. Kentucky is ranked 11 and the Tar Heels 18, both are young teams and have a lot to learn so I feel like there will be a lot of little stupid fouls and turnovers due to the lack of composure for such a huge game.