New Years Celebrations

New Years Celebrations

Another year has come and gone and many people celebrate the coming of a new year at midnight on New Year’s Eve.  There are many different ways that kids choose to celebrate the New Year. The most common theme was going to a party with friends and celebrating the ball drop.  But not everyone has to do the same thing, there are other ways to celebrate the New Year.

For example, Perfect north slopes has a New Year celebration every year. I went to Perfects on New Year’s once and had a great time, there is always a fireworks show and the ski patrol skis single file down the slopes with flares resembling a light show. Senior Collin Dugan said, “I think it’s cool and enjoy going out there on New Year’s Eve, even though I’m not going this year.”

People can also go downtown to fountain square to watch the ball drop and go ice skating. Now I have never been to fountain square on New Year’s Eve but senior Alex Singler has and he said, “It was a great time, but was a little cold.”

The most common thing for kids to do is go to parties at a friend’s house and celebrate the New Year with all their friends. Senior Billy Angel said, “That’s what I do every year and I think it’s a lot of fun, you get to spend the holiday with all your friends.”

Wether it’s going skiing or ice skating or just hanging out with friends everyone gets excited and celebrates the New Year in their own way.