Elder Alumni Spotlight: Nick Stenger ’20


When kids are asked, what do you want to be when you grow up, most kids respond by saying they want to be a cop or a firefighter.

“Well, the firefighter thing stuck with me,” says Elder Class of 2020 grad Nick Stenger.

Stenger practicing the hose

The Delhi Township Fire Department has an explorers program for anyone 14 and older. “The Fire Explorers Post will get a first-hand look at what it’s like to be a firefighter. They will learn some of the different fire fighting techniques, and gain pre-work experience in the Fire Services,” according to the Delhi Township Website.

Nick Stenger became a part of the program when he was 14. Stenger has close family friends that are firefighters. Those close friends have always encouraged him to go to the program and check it out. On Stenger’s first day in the program, he was welcomed by the Lieutenant and the other firefighters and was welcomed into the family. Becoming a firefighter is no easy task, it takes building relationships and on job experience. Stenger has been getting more and more on the job training as he has grown with the Explorers.

Stenger has already completed firefighter courses at Scarlet Oaks and is now enrolled at Cincinnati State for EMT certification and is expected to graduate from the program in May. The on job and in class instruction have been blended. “We will go over a chapter of material and discuss the procedures of each operation, then we will go out to a site and do simulation of the scenarios.” Starting at a young age, Stenger has been able to build up his on-the-job training as he has been able to go out on more runs. Real life scenarios have been very beneficial for Stenger to help him improve his skills.

Stenger working on repelling from a building

According to a 2018 study, there are 1.1 Million firefighters in the United States. Stenger will be one of those brave and honored members that step up and help save lives each day.

Stenger has found more than a job, he has found a passion that he enjoys because he wants to help and save people every day. Stenger says to anyone that is interested in a possible career as a firefighter to, “Show up, we’ll explain everything and give you a tour. And if you like it, come the next week and the next until you love it and what it to be your career.”

Being a firefighter takes a dedicated individual that is willing to risk his or her own life everyday, we need more people like Stenger who are ready to respond to the call when called upon. Altiora, Nick Stenger!