Shattered Glass, worth the watch!

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Shattered Glass, a journalism themed movie recently shown in our class here at Elder and it is a good movie.

I bet the first thought that popped into your head was “a journalism movie, that sounds boring!”  But before you make a rash decision, let me tell you how great this movie is.

Every film can be judged by three key details: acting, story, and conclusion.  Why should you care about the actors in Shattered Glass?

Well, among the many actors in the movie, there are two who play significant characters, before they were in the movie or show their best known for, and there’s one who was well established prior to being in Shattered Glass.  The actors are Hank Azaria, Hayden Christenson and Rosario Dawson.

Michael Kelley/Hank Azaria (andsoitbeginsfilms)

For those who don’t know, Hank Azaria is best known for his voicing of various cartoon characters in the notorious show, The Simpsons.  He is known for characters like Moe, of Moe’s Bar, Apu, the convenience store owner, the comic book guy, and many more.

Stephen Glass/Hayden Christenson. (imdb)

Hayden Christenson, on the other hand, wouldn’t be discovered until 2005 two years after Shattered Glass.  This was when he entered the Star Wars universe as the famous Anakin Skywalker; the young Darth Vader.

Lastly, there is Rosario Dawson.  She will be seen as Ahsoka Tano in the new “Ahsoka Series”, which also happens to be a Star Wars show.  She has played in a number of movies and shows but never as a main character in a well known series like Hayden or Hank.

These three are just a taste of the actors who appear in Shattered Glass.  Next, I bet your wondering what this movie is even about.

As I mentioned, It’s about journalism.  Hayden Christenson plays the main character, Stephen Glass. Throughout the drama as a young popular journalist, a dedicated writer who covers stories of various city and state and world events, he works for a magazine known as The New Republic.

Stephen, a lousy, half ass worker and mediocre writer starts popping up everywhere.  Yet he becomes more and more well known after each article he writes.  He goes from writing back page to being on the cover for every issue, a skyrocket in popularity.  Everyone in the office including his boss are loving his stories.

But every hearo has a fall.  One day, a rival journalist, Charles Lane starts getting suspicious of why and how Stephen Glass is doing so much better than he and his newspaper are.  Not just that, but where Stephen is finding these great writes and leads?  After some in depth research on this subject, he finds out why.

Now lastly there is the third and most important part of what can make or break a movie, the ending.  Sadly, I won’t be spoiling any of it.  If you are so interested and inclined to find out, you’ll have to watch the movie yourself.