Kevin Hart does TV

Kevin Hart is known for his multiple movies and stand up comedy. However, this year he found himself in a different role.

Hart is starring in the new Netflix show called “True Story”.  In this show, Kevin Hart is playing a fictional character named Kid who is a comedian and famous movie actor. Which is ironic because the the show is called True Story. “Kid” is surrounded by a team that helps him create a ton of success.

His team consists of his manager named Todd who is all over the place throughout the show. He’s also always with his body guard named Herschel at almost all times, and a woman named Billie who writes some of his jokes. He is also surrounded by his older brother named Carlton who is always getting in trouble and losing money.

In the show, he is constantly going around different places to do stand up comedies and charities. Kid has a very busy schedule as he is always on the move doing interviews and photoshoots. In the beginning, it seems Kid has the perfect life. However, a lot changes after just two episodes. Kid just got done finishing up one of his stand up gigs, and was accompanied by his friends and brother after at a club. They tried to get him to take a shot which Kid doesn’t want to take part in because he has been sober for some time.

However, he ends up taking it and that leads to him becoming very intoxicated. It all goes down hill from there. Kid brought a girl home whom he ultimately slept with. Carlton walks into the room and wakes Kid up and tells him the girl was dead from overdosing. One thing led to another and Carlton calls a guy named Ari to help get rid of the body. Once Ari comes he tells Kid he needs to be paid six million dollars. Kid gets angry about this and ends up killing Ari causing him and Carlton to dump the body. One of his biggest fans had a video of him dumping the body, and tells Kid that.

After all this madness, Kid is overwhelmed with stress which causes him to plummet professionally. However, he was able to get the video deleted, but he finds out that the woman was actually alive when he sees Carlton’s phone. Carlton had set the whole thing up in a way to get money and repay dues. Ari’s brothers come looking for Carlton and ultimately die when Kid shoots them then shoots his brother.

All in all, I thought this was one of the better Netflix shows I have seen. Kevin Hart played this role perfectly and made you really wonder what was going to happen next. Each episode left off on a cliffhanger which led the audience wanting to watch more. I thought the acting was great from each character. They made it very believable of what was going on. They used real life events on what could actually occur. It was a very believable story that could for sure happen.

One thing that shocked me was how much Kevin Hart made it seem like his real life. Furthermore, he is a comedian and actor who was born and raised in Philly. Therefore, it was crazy that the character “Kid” was almost identical to Kevin’s lifestyle. It was almost as if it was the same person minus all the crazy things that happened.

If I had to rate this show it would be a 9.2/10. I would target ages 18 and up. I think many people would really enjoy this piece of work from Kevin Hart, which he shows a way more serious acting role.

“When it’s all said and done with me and my career, people are going to realize that I’ve checked every box”

— Kevin Hart

It was honestly one of the best Netflix shows I have seen in a long time. I highly recommend others to watch.