Cincinnati Rookie(s) of the year

Cincinnati Sports have a bright future.

Cincinnati Rookie(s) of the year

It has been quite a year for Cincinnati’s rookies. Jonathan India took home Rookie of the Year earlier this fall, and Jamarr Chase is breaking records. The future is very bright for Cincinnati Sports. In week 17, Jamarr had eleven catches for 266 yards, which is a rookie record that he broke, and three touchdowns.

This went for 55.6 points in Fantasy Football, one of the highest scoring points for a player this year. Jamarr is in the race with Mac Jones, New England Patriots Quarterback from Alabama, whose lead his team to six straight wins. When asked about Rookie of the Year, Jamarr told reporters, “I better win”.

The Queen City has always been passionate about sports, and seeing young stars is very encouraging for all of Cincinnati. I asked Senior Chris Kammerer about his opinion for Chase to win Rookie of the Year, he responded with, “Give him that stuff. Him, along with many others are on their high horse about the Bengals season. Bengal fans are feeling very confident in the team right now, it’d be a real shame if the Bengals ripped their fans hearts out again. Although it is a baseball town, the Bengals have put together a very good season (coming from a Browns fan).

Besides a few hiccups, the Bengals have had a successful year and should continue to be a legit contender in the AFC for the coming years. Now back to the Reds, India was named Rookie of the Year on November 15, a great milestone for the young infielder. He was the youngest Red to start on opening day since Pete Rose in 1963. That is some elite company for the 5th overall draft pick out of Florida in 2018. He led rookie’s in games played (150), runs scored (98), walks (71), doubles (34), and On-Base percentage (.376). These numbers put up are astronomical, especially for a rookie. It is safe to say the Reds have found a stud to bring wins and competitive baseball to Cincinnati for years to come. Jamarr Chase has also put up some freakish numbers his rookie year.

Chase has 79 receptions for 1,429 yards. That is an average of 18 yards per reception. That stat is wild. He also has 13 touchdowns on the year. Many wondered about the dropped passes in pre-season, and even a little bit during the regular season, but its easy to say he has made up for a few drops he had previously. Joe Burrow and Jamarr Chase is a dynamic duo, and if these two stay healthy, they can really be something special. Being a Browns fan, it is hard to say these things, but it is the truth.

The Bengals recently made the playoffs and take on the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday, January 15th. I do not believe Cincinnati will go far in the playoffs. I think the Bengals will lose a heartbreaker to be eliminated from the playoffs, because that would be the most Bengal fashion loss of all time. Besides the point, it has been a successful year for the young team. It is safe to say that Cincinnati’s two main professional sports team have a good looking future.