Dahmer tells twisted tale of gruesome murders


The newest edition to the plethora of shows on Netflix is a Netflix original, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The show follows one of the most notorious serial killers of all time and what he did with many of his victims. The story also follows how his actions affected the families of the victims, neighbors, and his family.

If you didn’t know, Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men and was known as the Milwaukee Cannibal. I think the name says a lot about him. Two of the seventeen victims were fourteen year olds with the other ages ranging from eighteen to thirty-three. Nothing about Dahmer’s story is normal in any way and if you have not seen the show, let this prepare you before watching.

This show is very graphic, violent, and pretty disgusting. This show went into a lot of the murders which was fine but most of it was truly disturbing. Now this is expected in a show about the Milwaukee Cannibal and I was ready for it, but let this be a heads up to people who have not seen it. There are scenes where you might have to skip or even stop watching completely. There are numerous graphic scenes. For example he experiments on dead animals as a kid and it shows a little bit of that and without any spoilers there are many bones seen in the show. If you are going to watch this show you have to prepare yourself for some of the stuff that happens because his actions were truly evil and they show that in the show.

Evan Peters who plays Jeffrey Dahmer does an amazing job of portraying the Milwaukee Monster. He gives off a chilling feeling throughout the show making the watchers fear him more and more. He even looks and sounds like the real Dahmer. Peters said in a Netflix featurette that he was scared to look into Dahmer’s crimes and even said that it was one of the hardest things he’s had to do in his career. I really liked what Peters did in this show and he really showed off some of his acting skills.

I think the directors did a great job of staying mainly on Dahmer and exploring his history. I liked that the show did not just focus on Dahmer in a certain period of time and that it jumped around and explored him in many ages. For example we see Jeff as a young boy, then in high school, then as a man on his own. This allows the watchers to kind of understand his evolution into the monster that he was and let the audience see into his life.

Picture from USA today of Evan Peters’ Jeffrey Dahmer

However, there is one episode that does focus mainly on one of Dahmer’s victims. His name was Tony Hughes. This episode was very good. It gave us a break from the twisted mind of Dahmer for a little bit and gave us a different perspective in the show. I won’t go into any spoilers or anything but Tony Hughes was a deaf man that liked Dahmer and Dahmer even liked him back. I liked how the directors shed some light on the victim in this episode and his point of view and how Dahmer was seen through his eyes.

Now I am not a psychopath but I did enjoy this show and thought it was really good. The acting in this show was very good and I thought all the actors did a great job. I don’t think I will ever watch the show again because of the twisted mind of Dahmer and what he does in the show but I did find the whole story interesting and I liked how it explored the ones that were hurt by the actions of Dahmer. Netflix really gave us an interesting one this time.