Two unbeatens remain


As March creeps closer and college basketball begins to heat up, two teams that started out hot and continued to stay hot remain undefeated in early February. The Syracuse Orange out of the ACC have been on a win streak of 21 straight games. The Shockers of Wichita State have remained undefeated as well at 23-0. As we get closer to March, these two teams will have a target on their backs from other opponents that will face them.

For Syracuse, one might say they have put together a more impressive undefeated season thus far. The Orange have won tough games on the road, as well as defending their home court. The most impressive victory so far may have been the overtime win over conference opponent Duke on Saturday night.

It was the first time Syracuse would play the Blue Devils while in the ACC conference and they were able to defend their home court with a two point win and remain unbeaten.

The Blue Devils may be the toughest opponent Syracuse faces the rest of the regular season, especially with the game being played at Cameron Indoor on February 22nd.

Another impressive win on the resume for the orange is a win against Villanova, ranked number eight at the time. This Syracuse team has been impressive all year, especially with their zone defense that is so tough to penetrate. This team will be tested down the road, as their remaining opponents will be out to give them that first loss.

On the other end, the Wichita State Shockers have had a great season as well. It’s up to debate that the Shockers haven’t played as many solid teams that some of the others, but they managed a victory each time out.

The Shockers most impressive victory out of conference was a win at St. Louis December 1st. They have beaten every team in their conference at least once already with an average margin of victory of 15 in conference play.

The Shockers have dominated the Missouri Valley Conference early and look to continue that throughout February and into early March. Come tournament time, this is a team that could possibly sneak into a number one seed if still unbeaten. It’s tough for a team to come out of a non-major conference and get a very high seed, unless that team is unbeaten through the regular season and conference tournament play.

Syracuse and Wichita state do have one thing in common, despite being from two different conferences. They both have remained unbeaten as the last full month of the regular season sets in. Not a lot of games are left for these teams, which means a win each time out makes them one step closer to a perfect season.