Reer me a scholarship

A lot of students are worried about how they are going to be able to pay for college. Some are even debating if it is even worth going due to the amounts of the debt they will be stuck with. However, there are a multitude of easy and unusual ways to earn scholarships that will help lighten the burden on all that debt. From caddying to fire sprinklers, there are scholarships in pretty much every category. Being the person on the sidelines of sporting events may not sound like a whole lot of fun, but it can come with some pretty big benefits. Mascots are fun, energetic, and cheerful icons that almost every sports team has. What most people don’t know is that some colleges offer a full, half, or book scholarship to their mascots. However, the mascots for these college teams have to go to mascot camps where they learn the basics of cheering and how to react to certain mascot situations. If cheering isn’t your thing and are more into peaceful environments, then a caddying scholarship may be just what you need. Carrying around some golfer’s clubs doesn’t sound like the most thrilling job, but caddies participate a good amount in the sport as well, offering advice to the player when needed. Caddying scholarships are not too difficult to obtain either. Having good grades, a strong caddie record, and being a well-rounded student can earn a full year scholarship. Are you above average height? If so, the TCI (Tall Clubs International) is an organization that awards scholarships to students who exceed a certain height. Eligibility for women is 5’10” and for men its 6’2”. While the scholarships awarded only goes up to a thousand dollars, it seems like a foolish mistake for tall people not to apply to try to get free money. Another outrageously simple way to earn a scholarship is through the American Fire Sprinkler Association. All you have to do to enter into this scholarship is read a short essay about fire sprinklers, and then take a ten question quiz. While taking the quiz, it is even allowable to have the essay at hand to use as reference, each question answered right awards an entry into a drawing for the scholarship. This is so easy it’s almost shocking that anyone wouldn’t try this. After talking to Jason Hulsman, junior at Elder, about how simple some of these scholarships are, he stated, “I would definitely do the fire sprinkler one, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t at least try it. It’s free money, everyone should be doing this.” While I agree there should be more people applying to these scholarships, it’s also good being under the radar because the less participants, the more likely of being awarded a scholarship. When talking to Austin Glecker, also a junior at Elder, he said, “It seems really easy and you would think more people would do it, but people today are just lazy.” I completely agree with his statement, our generation is has turned into a spoon-fed society. People are always trying to find the easiest and least amount of work to do things, so applying to such easy scholarships may seem like too much work for many.