Wait; there are other fast food restaurants besides Wendy’s and McDonald’s?

Anyone who lives on the west side of Cincinnati surely knows of the various fast-food hotspots. The two main areas that come to mind are Glenway Avenue and Delhi Pike. Stretching for long distances, these two streets surely have all the fast food one could want right? Wrong. Of course the usual favorites such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s come to mind when thinking of these places, as do other favorites like Chipotle and Skyline. But why is there nothing else? I decided to do some research on what popular fast food joints the west side is missing out on. The first of these restaurants is Dairy Queen, or as it’s commonly called, DQ. DQ is constantly advertised on T.V. yet I have never seen one anywhere near here. Luckily I have visited the DQ in Sharonville, but that’s a long way to drive for one quick stop at DQ. Another common fast food place not on the west side is Del Taco. Although it is not commonly advertised, the Mexican fast food chain is very common in western states such as California, Colorado, and Washington. Del Taco has recently made a new burrito called the chili-cheese fry burrito, and as one would imagine, the burrito contains actual fries inside of it. I’ve yet to taste this piece of art, but a trip out west is inevitable for me in the near future. Another very well-known restaurant that is not on the west side is Sonic. Known for its roller-skating servers and great burgers, Sonic seems to be a mystery to many west siders. Sonics are found all across the U.S., with many around the Cincinnati area, but not on the west side of town. I feel that the fast food on the west side has gotten boring; the town needs to spice things up. Chipotle did a great job of this when it opened a few years ago. People were obsessed with the food and still are today. This led to not only one, but two more Chipotle restaurants. The west side needs to shake things up a little bit by having a different variety of fast food. Maybe next time instead of turning an old building into ANOTHER McDonald’s, a Sonic, DQ, or Del Taco could be built.