Did it Stick

On the dayof the assembly, the disturbing realistic scene of a teen drinking and drivingaccident shocked Seton and Elder students. Seeing classmates involved in the mock accident and even ina body bag really made a big impact on everyone. After the mock accident, the statistics and images shownfrom texting or drinking and driving were awful. Those images especially stuck with the students. CourtneySchira was involved in making the scene as powerful as it was. She was the girl that was put into thebody bag. She said, “It was a pretty surreal feeling. I knew I was able to getout of the body bag but it was still somewhat scary knowing this is what canhappen if you dri ve distracted. I think it gave me a new perspective ondistracted driving than any video or story ever will since I was actually putin the situation.” Rightafter an assembly like that everybody says they will never text and drive ordrink and drive. Or that theywould stop texting and driving or drinking and driving. But a week and a half removed from theassembly I wanted to find out if the assembly was still influencing ourdriving. I know I still rememberthose images every time I feel the need to pick up my phone when I’m driving. Some of the students I talked to said theassembly has changed them for good, but some admitted that its impact has fadedaway, and they’ve fallen back into their habits. Tyler Nieberding said, “The assembly taught me to be morecareful when I’m driving. I try to stay more aware of the people driving aroundme and keep good distance. I will always wear my seatbelt now.” Anthony Stacklin said, “Its a constant reminder in theback of my mind about the consequences of poor driving Em hay Definitely stillinfluences my driving. I am more aware of the way I drive and I am morecautious when it comes to other drivers. Because of the assembly I am moreresponsible when behind the wheel.” Somestudents who wished to remain unnamed said, “It has sort of just faded away,the presentation was gruesome but it’s hard to get out of habits.” “For me itchanged me for a few days, but I just kinda fell back into my old habits. It’s a lot harder to change yourdriving than most people think.”