Tragedy at Home

When people hear about an event like what happened last Monday, they never think of La Salle High School on North Bend road. A suicide attempt was made in one of the computer labs on the third floor at La Salle High School. The school was put on lockdown and the student was taken to the hospital. Later that day, the rest of the students were released to go home. When something so tragic as this happens, it sets a different tone for the whole city of Cincinnati. He was doing his work in class, on a regular Monday morning. Then he heard the dean of discipline announce an immediate lockdown. So they all huddled in the corner, closed the blinds, and turned off the lights. While talking to the head Sherriff of Hamilton county, Jim Neil, he talked about how La Salle ran their contingency plan, or lockdown, to perfection. “I didn’t hear it cause the computer lab is in the third floor I was on the first floor on the opposite side,” said freshman student at La Salle, Dana Reeves. After an hour of waiting, they were called to the gymnasium. They were told that “a student attempted suicide and has been transported to the hospital were here was in critical condition,” said Reeves . He continued to talk about the mood of the school. “We were all scared; once we heard that he wasn’t going to shoot anyone else, that he just intended on suicide, then we all came to gether and prayed for our brother,” Reeves added. Green Towship trustee, Rocky Boiman, was told that the kid was nice, and no one expected him to do it. He is a good student and even joined different clubs recently. He was told by one of the teachers that out of all the kids in the school he would be at the bottom of the list of students that would attempt suicide. Even though La Salle is a rival of Elder’s, Elder showed support. Elder seniors decided on their own that they would wear a shirt and a tie for the student. While the chaos was all happening, students at Elder were worried about their rival brothers. There were some students who had relatives who go to La Salle. Every student knew that anything could happen here at Elder as well. For 15 minutes, students were allowed to use their phones during the school day to call their parents and or family from La Salle to make sure they were fine. It’s horrible to hear that there was a suicide attempt at La Salle. Everyone at Elder hopes that the student can survive this tragedy.