Nueva Chica en el Bloque

Deep in the top corner of the Freshman Wing, a new teacher has somehow gone unnoticed in her first year. Surprisingly not many people knew we had a new teacher at Elder besides the students in her fourth and fifth period classes. Mrs. Corwell is the new Spanish teacher that is giving Mrs. Wynn and Mr. Grosser a new competitor as the favorite Spanish teacher. Mrs. Corwell is a native of Finneytown but for college she went to Weaton College in Illinois. Believe it or not she doesn’t have a teaching degree; she actually has a master’s degree in community planning. “I’d love to start a (community planning) class” For now she just teaches Spanish 1 to freshmen and sophomores. She loves teaching at Elder and having an “Impact on young men growing into men of God and men of faith.” Her first real experience at Elder was September 28 th when St. Xavier came to The Pit for a football game, “It was a great introduction into Elder culture.” She told us she loves the school spirit. Now speaking from experience Spanish is one of the dullest classes at Elder. It is always at the end of the day, when it is a hundred degrees outside. Then on top of that, you are looking at pictures of a Spanish speaking country, which makes you feel even hotter. Well Mrs. Corwell has a new approach that most teachers should start taking, “My goal throughout the year is for the kids not to hate Spanish.” Wow, just wow. How basic of a concept is that? Yet, if she is successful all her students will want to move on to Spanish 2 and be excited about going to Spanish every day. Her personality is easy to relate to, a skill that when translated to the classroom can be effective for creating a good learning environment. She has an easy going attitude that allows students to enjoy the class rather than dread it. The atmosphere she creates in her room is hospitable to learning. Tablets are not allowed in her class, but that might be a benefit. The laptops are not essential to learning the material and distractions are limited. She only works part time for Elder in addition to teaching at the University of Cincinnati. Although her time is limited to fourth and fifth period her benefit has no boundaries. If her plan goes the way she wants it, students will leave class each day not only with a better knowledge of Spanish but also an appreciation of the subject.