What are the top online games?

If you are an underclassman with a laptop, knowing about good games is something thats on the top of the list of things to know. Questions such as, “Where did you find that?” or “What game is that?” are asked just about every day throughout the rooms of Elder High School. I know that when every student at Elder High School grabs a laptop when they’re bored and they immediately look for games online. Website after website are blocked by the almighty tech gentlemen with the all-star front man, Kevin Holland. So it makes it pretty difficult to play a game around Elder High School. Any good ones that is. “I play a game online just about every night. Its impossible to play them in school though,” said Jimmy White. Most of the time, kids will have an assignment for a class that deals with the computer. Due to a high amount of procrastination, the online games do come into play. There are dozens of websites that you can visit to play a game, many of the sites have the same games on them. Some of the top games that get around are Cubefield, Curveball, Dolphin Olympics 2, and maybe even Running Fred. After asking numerous students what they like to play, Dolphin Olympics 2 seemed to be on the top of the list. “If you don’t get to the restaurant in Dolphin Olympics 2, don’t consider calling yourself a dedicated man,” said Senior Nick Beard when asked his opinion on the preferred diversion of many. One thing that is difficult about playing a good game is you start to get addicted to the game and you want to start playing it during school hours. Not only do you have the tech guys blocking every site in the book, you also have Mr. Nohle watching you like a hawk, even though you don’t know it. So here is a tip, don’t play games in school because you’ll never get away with it.