Most incoming freshmen don’t have the experience of locks in grade school. It is a big transition having to go to your locker multiple times a day, which is very time consuming. Most students bear the burden of time consumption and do it the old fashioned way. Some students, however, try to get around the waste of time by leaving their lock on the last number of their combo for easy access. This method works sometimes but is frowned upon because it often times leads to stolen locks. These stolen locks can often be spotted in some interesting and creative places throughout the school. Some of these locations make it more difficult to regain your lock than others. This got us to thinking, what are the worst spots in the school to get your locks locked. 5) The Backpack- The backpack is typically a first choice spot for lock thieves. This spot is easy access, low risk, and embarrassment for the victim. The victim will be enraged if it is not their own lock, in which case one must go to the Main Office and find who’s the rightful owner of the lock. But the good thing about this spot, one knows where the lock is. 4) Basement Lockerroom- A new area has arisen as fair game for locks to be placed. The basement is lightly traveled as it is, so this could be very difficult to find your lock. The main placement to toss a lock is onto the piping that hangs from the ceiling. It’s not a tough grab, but still a pain because one rarely goes down into the locker room. 3) The Belt Loop- Another easy target for these delinquents is the belt loop. This spot while easier to get back, happens to be the most humiliating. Often times, the person who has the lock on their loop, isn’t even the owner of the lock. Innocent students are having their pride compromised because of the mistakes and laziness of others. 2) Bathroom Vent- I don’t know what kind of twisted individual came up with this new spot, but the second floor bathroom vent made its way onto our list. The vent above the urinals is about 12 feet above the floor which makes it unable for a jumping attempt. The only way to regain this lock is to climb onto a urinal and then make a try. It may be awkward if someone walks in on you. 1) Stairwell- The stairwell on the far right side of the building is notorious for locks. The support poles above the flight of steps from the second-third floor are the most impressive place to get locked. Not only does this take creativity, but the courage of a student to put his life on the line just to ruin somebody’s day is special. It also makes the victim pay five dollars for a new lock. If you have learned anything from this article, we hope that you keep you lock locked on tight so you will not fall victim to one of these thieves.