Stopping another Boston

On April 15 th , 2013, two homemade bombs were discharged at the Boston Marathon about 15 seconds apart from each other. The first bomb was at the finish line, the second, one hundred yards away. The police found the two suspects, brothers Tamerl and and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, after a two-day ordeal that involved a murder of a campus officer, robbing of a 7/11 store, theft of a vehicle, and a gunfight that ended with the death of Tsarnaev and the escape of Dzhokhar. The next day, Dzhokar Tsarneav was found in the backyard of a resident on 67 Franklin St., Watertown, Massachusetts and was taken into custody.There is some speculation that these men were trained by someone, but whom? So we must ask, is there more to come? This year’s Flying Pig Marathon (the 15th Annual), powered by P&G , has been funneling charitable donations toward numerous medical, educational, and religious organizations, along with programs such as the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati, CancerFree Kids, and the College of Mount Saint Joseph. Typically, the marathon is always a happy environment for many Cincinnatians to join together for a great cause, but this year, in the back of everyone’s mind is the threat of an act of terrorism on the race. Since the Boston bombings, there have been many precautions taken by the Flying Pig Marathon organization in cooperation with the Greater Cincinnati law enforcement. Over the last couple of weeks, the Flying Pig Marathon has been working with “ the full cooperation of every police, fire and first responder unit in Greater Cincinnati on plans for the events’ safety.” So read a statement released by the Flying Pig Marathon organization on their webpage. “The immediate impact is all of the citizens are going to be more vigilant in events such as this” referring to the Flying Pig. There will be “more of a presence this year from the agencies at the Flying Pig because of Boston,Massachusetts”. The Ohio State patrol has also volunteered to help in any way at the marathon, along with the aid of law enforcement in Northern Kentucky and Eastern Indiana. “Cooperation and Operation” is the motto of the Hamilton County police. Many agencies from all over the region will be in attendance at this weekend’s marathon activities. Planning for the marathon has been going on for weeks before the Boston Marathon. Now, the training has been more intense even more since the bombings. Plans have been made for increased security and also contingency plans if a situation were to occur. Training has been through different agencies and departments to set up scenarios that may occur at the marathon. Regardless of a marathon or not, the police department has disaster plan drills all the time and the next drill will be on May 15 th . Sherriff Neil also wanted to make an additional point to people who will attend the marathon Saturday. Do not bring anything that may look suspicious, like backpacks. Do not place a bag under a car or a bench and “If you see something, say something” and let a professional handle the situation . These safety precautions are also listed on , where you can see all the safety measures that have taken place for the race. Hopefully this time, this marathon will be known for being a marathon and not anything else.