Elderfest Preview

Elderfest has always been one of the best days of the school year. It is a day the torch is passed to the juniors to run the school to the standards that every class has created before them. This day is always great because the students can just relax and have a good time with their classmates. The day will begin with all of the seniors grilling out breakfast in the Rudemiller Commons. Following breakfast for the seniors, the whole school will go to Mass in the Fieldhouse roughly around 8 am. After Mass, all of the students will go back to homeroom to change into their “Purple Friday” apparel. Then, everyone will go back to the Fieldhouse to see the Faculty Flyers take on the winner of the students’ intramural basketball tournament. The Faculty Flyers have been able to pull out the win the past two years, so hopefully the students can stop this streak. When the game is over, the students can pretty much do whatever they please, as long as they don’t break any school policies. There are a ton of activities going on all day. It seems like every classroom has some sort of game or activity going on. Elderfest is famous for the Euchre Tournament, Super Smash Brothers tournament, Fifa tournament, and the Ping Pong tournament, just to name a few. Everyone has their favorites, and mine is the Euchre Tournament. Senior Greg Schloemer and I are looking to finally make a good showing this year, after being defeated in the Elite 8 last year. “My favorite is the ping pong tournament because it is the sport of champions, and I enjoy kicking butt”, said Senior Michael Rolfes. Senior Caleb Lottman was in complete agreement with Rolfes. “I rally at ping pong”, said Lottman. There are usually pick up flag football games and whiffle ball games, corn hole and Frisbee games going on out in the Pit. Also, there will be Birdie Ball set up in the Pit where students can hit those as if they were real golf balls. The Birdie Balls travel about 50 yards at the most. Some Elder students who play in rock bands will be playing in the volleyball gym all day long. Just about anything you can imagine happens at Elderfest. Senior Michael Schroer even suggested having a coin flipping contest, however a teacher said that we are not allowed to do that, because it is considered to be gambling. For lunch, students will be enjoying JTM sloppy joes, chips, and a drink all for $1. Students will be allowed to eat anywhere from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. The students are allowed to leave as early as 2 p.m., but can stay after until 2:30. Elderfest is always one of the best days of the school year, because it is so relaxed. The students are allowed to legally use their phones, be out of uniform and have a great time with their classmates. No school has an activity like Elderfest.