Elder Prom: A Night at the Casino

As the end of the school year approaches, the long awaited time of year has finally arrived. It still is the time when teenage girls have dreamed of since their younger years when they were walking around in a dress that had been sitting in the back of their mom’s closet for years. This special event is the superb prom and is the original climax to many’s high school career. It remains a big deal in the eyes of girls; however, the importance of the event is losing the attention in eyes of some guys. This year, the event will still be taking place at the famous Woodlands, which has been the location of the prom and other events for several years. There has been a lot of talk and chatter that has been going around about what the theme would turn out to become. Some even think it should take after the infamous rap group “Club Aqua.” However, plans fell through early on that suggestion because the water theme seemed to be too dull and plain. Elder effective writing, English, and Shakespeare teacher Ms. Schmitt is the prom coordinator and has been putting multiple days and hours into making it a great success. Ms. Schmitt spoke about prom and said, “The theme this for this year is casino, sort of like a night out.” The theme has recently been announced along with the theme song for the whole prom. Last year the song was “We Are Young” by F.U.N. so the prom crew really wanted to step it up a notch to try to beat that one out. Ms. Schmitt has taken many different students’ input on the whole entire prom to attempt to make it the best one yet. The prom song for this year is “Let it Roll” by Flo Rida. The date for the prom is April 12,2013. With prom coming up fast on all of our tails, most Elder students have already asked their fantastic dates to prom. In recent years a custom has developed on how to ask someone to prom; you must do something spectacular and flashy to try to make an impact on your date. However, many disagree on this subject. A majority of Elder students think doing anything this of this nature is girly and just plain bizarre. “I think it’s pointless. Just ask them face to face through casual conversation is just as good in my eyes,” said senior Mike Caroway. “It isn’t like you are asking to marry them or anything like that.” There have been various techniques that students from all schools have used to ask their prom date such as scaring them in some fashion, spelling prom out in glow sticks and candles, and even tiny scavenger hunts. Last week, Elder’s senior Ben Kenning was asked to Seton’s prom, Elder’s sister school, in a very extraordinary and outlandish fashion. During a long Friday here at Elder, Seton was not surprisingly off school. Seton senior Emily Gramke took it upon herself to make the best of the day off by pranking Kenning and asking him to her prom at the same time. Gramke gathered her Seton crew together and went to work. They made their way over to Elder during second period and got all the supplies together; balloons, post it notes, and toilet paper. They began covering the car, and classes changed so everyone that passed by saw Ben’s car just being demolished. They covered Kenning’s recently purchased ride, and topped it off by writing prom on the back windshield. Kenning was extremely mad, but even more embarrassed by the whole situation. “When I first saw my car I second guessed that it was mine. My initial thought was no way, said Kenning. “I told her once she comes over after school and cleans it, then I will say ‘yes’. She wasn’t happy about that.” After all the dates are organized, then all Elder students rush to the nearest tux store to get a fresh new suit to look nice and prim for your date. Most know the famous “Pepes” or Brogan and Hesketh as the place to go when it comes to getting a tux. With the date approaching fast, the excitement rises for some. Next Friday everyone will be preparing during the day to enjoy a night out with classmates and friends at the Woodlands to jam out to some music and create those lasting memories.