Freshman day of reflection

On Wednesday March 27th, the freshmen took a break from the usual hustle and bustle of a day of classes and held a day of retreat. The Retreat was held the day before the students of Elder set off on their spring break (or was it a pause?). The event was put together by Mr. Auer and Mr. Nohle. The day consisted of activities such as meeting in small groups, listening to speeches from guests, and an accompanying Mass. Freshmen Austin Lea and Chris Squiri agreed that learning more about their fellow students and gaining different perspectives on their classmates was an invaluable takeaway from the event. The time in small group discussions allow them to learn about a classmate that is otherwise unknown. For Peter Mattress the best part of the day was Mr. Nohle’s presentation, whereas Chris Squiri gives the title to the small group meetings. The small group meetings appeared to be popular as the group agreed that if they had to make a change to the program they would implement more small group meetings and lessen the time spent on listening to presentations. The time in small group proved to be important as the kids together said that the most valuable lesson they learned was how to work together.At the end of the day the students gathered in the main Schaeper Center room to hold a Mass. The Mass was a nice way to cap off the day that the students spent reflecting and learning about themselves and their fellow classmates.