Knock-knock, who’s there? Class clowns

Students around the globe dread the length of the school day. They despise the monotonous schedule filled with boring lectures, endless notes, frustrating tests and a slow moving clock. The school day can become quite unbearable.There is one luminescent glow in the bland classroom. That is the class clowns.The class clowns are the people that produce laughs in the longest of lectures.They brighten the day with sarcastic comments, rib busting antics, and legendary pranks. Elder has its own share of goofballs willing to risk demerits, and sacrifice a bit of their dignity to brighten the day of their fellow classmates. The Purple Quill recently conducted a poll to find the funniest kids in school and five students received a substantial amount of votes. The biggest vote getter came as a surprise, but it turns out that Kevin Laiveling was named the funniest kid in the Senior class. Kevin can be considered a deceiving comedian because he doesn’t come across as a joker at all. Any kid that talks to Kevin knows he is a nice and intelligent guy. Ben Beall of the senior class is one of the people who knows about the king of comedy’s humor. “He doesn’t say much, but when he does he kills it. He is just one of those undercover clowns,” commented Beall. Class President Max Mazza is also aware of Kevin’s great sense of humor. Max shares fourth period library science with Kevin, which is where Kevin is known to do some of his best material. Max shared that Kevin has some witty comebacks that causes him some major laughter. “I’ll tell a storythat happened, and be like, ‘Don’t tell anyone it’s embarrassing,’ and he will respond back with an ‘Oh, shoot I already tweeted it or something like that,’” shared Max. Kevin received 45% of the vote, so he must be as funny as people say. The second funniest man at elder is none other than Mr. Elder, Andy Meyer. Andy is well known for his sense of humor around the school. He is behind most of the jokes in Elder’s pep rallies, and is always killer as the MC as well. In class Andy gathers a few giggles with his various weird noises and impersonations. Tyler Schumann who has physics with Andy shared, “I love his Joe Swanson impression.” Andy is unanimously known for being a funny guy Bill Macke was the next favorite of the students of Elder. Bill is well known for many shenanigans, but his best probably happen in Mr. Laake’s lifestyles class. Bill gets ain n argument with Mr. Laake almost everyday, usually because he says something stupid like the “the Pope is a quitter” or “I’d like to pray for my CYO team today”. John Hartfiel is another well-known funny man at Elder. John is well known for asking teachers ridiculous questions, and getting an aggravated stare in return. John is a nice guy who is also well known for being goofy. Elder’s last comic is none other than Chris Leisring. Chris provides laughter in every class of the day. He is well known for telling teachers he has a two year-old daughter named Izzie; and actually getting a few to believe him. No other class than Cincinnati History with Mr. Dabbelt displays Chris better. On a daily basis Chris pulls out a fully packed lunch, and eats it right at his desk. “It looks like he is eating Thanksgiving dinner everyday,” commented Chris’s classmate Sam Kwiatkowski. Chris has many stories, but perhaps the best is when Chris decided to teach the class while Mr. Dabbelt was away. Chris proceeded to teach the class about the history of breweries in Cincinnati while wearing an oversized jacket he purchased from Goodwill. School days can seem as endless as the notes on Mr. Tucker’s board. The school week seems like an endless cycle. Class clowns are the ones that can advance time forward, and make school seem not so bad. Elder has an endless cast of comedians who are willing to share a few jokes. Maybe that is why an Elder school day doesn’t seem as bad as at other schools. Nine hundred guys in a laid back setting should lead to a relaxed school day. Even the teachers at Elder are willing to take a minute sometimes and share a joke. These five students are a perfect example of the sense of humor that make Elder such a great and memorable place.