Qdoba vs. Chipotle: The battle of the spices

As almost the majority of the United States population now knows the famous Chipotle: Mexican Grill is the leader in spicy food and really tingles your taste buds with each bite; however, another entry is fighting for some attention. The fantastic Qdoba: Mexican Grill is giving Chipotle a run for their money. Recently, Qdoba has been sky rocketing in popularity and the amount of customers are rising daily. The question that all people are asking is how is it even competing with Chipotle? “I’ve only had Chipotle, and I really don’t understand how Qdoba can be as good as Chipotle. Chipotle is the God’s gift,” said junior Zack Deters. First off, Chipotle has been dominating the food industry for years because of their spectacular meat and extra toppings. It presents an easy to decide and pick menu, attracting customers with ease. Next you make the simple pick on what toppings you want on top of your burrito, bowl, taco, or burrito bowl. By the end of the line after you add many various extras to help add spice and flavor to your meal. When you finally sit down, your mouth is basically dripping because how much it is watering. “I’ve always been a Chipotle fan. It really never gets old and I could eat it everyday of the week,” said senior Mike Caroway. Now this brings up the question about how Qdoba can compete with Chipotle if Chipotle is so spectacular. Well, they are quite relevant and comparable in some aspects. The ordering format is similar in the way that you go down a line and add other food to your creation one by one. The thing Qdoba is most famous for is their queso sauce, which mainly is just a spicy cheese. However, at times it can get fairly confusing. Other than that, the food is incredibly outstanding. Kenny Wengert, senior and Qdoba lover, said, “Qdoba is the best. I was introduced to it a little while ago and it’s the best. It is better than Chipotle no doubt. The food from Qdoba is described as being fresh and rich. “Your taste buds throw a party when you take the first bite,” stated senior Johnny Lane. Qdoba pushes to the top when it comes to the culinary category. Overall, the race to the top will be a long, hard fought battle. The reigning Chipotle is finally meeting its competition. Qdoba is slowly rising up the ranks and Chipotle’s creators are shaking in their boots.