New American Idol judge wanted, no experience necessary

If you’ve been watching American Idol lately (don’t worry if you haven’t- nobody does anymore), you would understand what I mean when I say that Nicki Minaj has to be the worst judge of all time. Constantly fighting with Mariah Carey and making awful non-constructive comments to the contestants, Minaj just seems to be out of place on the show. First of all, what has Minaj done musically to receive the “honor” of being a judge anyway? She has released one album filled with meaningless songs that have her sounding like a man one minute, and shrieking the next. It is kind of hard to judge someone else’s singing when you can’t sing yourself. Maybe Nicki would be satisfied if all the contestants auto-tuned their voices and added synth-sounding background music when they sing. Not only does she criticize every contestant’s voice, but does so in a poor way. It seems as if the contestants are starting to ignore her comments and I don’t blame them. I would have a hard time trying to take criticism that sounded like, “You’re like not good that song was like not you.” Simon Cowell would be shaking his head; if he wasn’t on the X factor, of course. Minaj’s biggest problem is how she feuds with the other female judge Mariah Carey. Carey has been in the music business for years. While she is not thought of as some god in the music world, I’m willing to bet she has more talent in one finger than Minaj has in her whole body. Minaj has no respect for her elders in the music industry or for the contestants on the show who hope to make it. Having her on American Idol highlights the problem of what the “music” industry is turning into today. Minaj is on the show for one thing and one thing only; money. As long as she stirs up things and gets journalists like myself with nothing else to do but rave about her, she is a help to a show that has been steadily losing viewers for years. So there you go kids. Be controversial and say things that offend people, and you’re on the road to fame. Maybe pretend you can sing too; then you might even land a spot on American Idol. They need all the help they can get.