The man of the hour; Mr. John Ploehs

Have you ever been walking in the hallways, and you’re feeling sluggish? As you proceed to hate your life at the moment in the hallway, you hear a roar. Not only is this just a roar, but it comes closer and closer. “Hey! C’mon guy! Tuck your shirt in! Be happy! You look like a slob!” That joyful holler comes from the captain himself as he speed walks down the hall, Mr. Ploehs. Mr. Ploehs is an English teacher for sophomores and juniors. If you have ever had the fine opportunity to have Ploehs as a teacher, you would know that he is all about the grail myth and searching for the meaning of life. Mr. Ploehs would tell you himself that his favorite movie is Indiana Jones : and The Last Crusade where Indiana looks for the grail myth. Also in the film Dead Poets Society, the scene where the student stands on the chair and yells, “Oh captain, my captain!” really stands out to Mr. Ploehs. Senior Kenny Wengert, who always calls Mr. Ploehs captain, had some words to say about one of his favorite teachers. “Mr. Ploehs is such an inspiring guy. If anyone is having a bad day, I’m sure captain could brighten the mood with one of his wise sayings.” In his class, Ploehs always uses short stories from his favorite authors. Normally, those authors have sayings or quotations that are inspirational for young men about life. He would always explain these quotes to give his class a lesson on life. “When one opens his heart to another human being, his quest for the grail begins,” are the wise words of Mr. Ploehs about the grail myth and the search for the meaning of life. Live your life the way you should.