Can they find their way into the Madness?

Xavier is struggling to find their way into March Madness this year. With a 17-13 recordand a 9-7 record in the A-10, the Musketeers find themselves in a huge hole. As the seventh seed in the A-10 tournament, they must defeat four teams in a row, win the A-10 Tournament, to just get into the NCAA tournament. The big questionis does Xavier have a chance? Yes, but it is very slim due to Xavier’s lack of consistency and their inability to finish games. If you look through out Xavier’s schedule, you’ll see strong wins and terrible loses. On February 26 th , Xavier played against the 16 th ranked teamin the country, the Memphis Tigers, and won 64-62. The next game they were defeated by UMASS, a game they could have easily won. The Musketeers would then face the number one team in the Atlantic 10, St. Louis, and win in a game that should not have gone into to overtime. The final was 77-66 in OT, but yet again Xavier would play the Butler Bulldogs, a team they beat the past three times they met and defeated by 15 back in November. The Musketeers would fall 67-62, in a game where they had the lead late. “I was pissed yet again, and Chris Mack didn’t do well,” said sports fan and senior,Jimmy White. “I’m glad I’m going to UC next year,” said senior Nick Rosfeld. Many fans have already shown their displeasure towards the Musketeers and the coaching staff. Xavier, in just the 2012-2013 season, has lost 10 games where they had the lead in the second half. The main problem; there is no bench support. The key player (Semaj Christon) and other starters do not have any time to rest every game. A great team needs a great bench. Now I will say when Christon and Travis Taylor are able to rebound and score in the paint the Musketeers do fairly well. “Lack of a big man with youth in the back court,” said senior Ben Beall. “In my opinion, the best player is Dee Davis but he is always hurt in crunch time,” said Beall. “They don’t respect Mack,” said senior TJ Reckers. The Musketeers are struggling obviously. When you feel they are on a roll they lose. It’s now one and done. This could be the fall of Mack, or the down year that will lead to victorious seasons. Xavier fans say a prayer and get your lucky spot on the couch because the Musketeers will need everything.