Senior project raises the bar

Although most articles present in The Purple Quill associate with Elder High School itself, but this one is going astray and teaming up with our sister school only about 50 yards away from us; Seton High School. While attending Seton High School, each senior has to pick to do a certain project that reflects a way each student could benefit spiritually and mentally. Current senior Emily Gramke decided to take on a task that most view as extremely difficult to say the least. Emily organized a dance in which young people with special needs could come and enjoy a nice day of fun and games open to the public. Gramke spoke on the subject and said, “I thought of it junior year and it really just sparked my interest. I wanted to do something that would benefit me in life. I’ve always thought it would be fun too.” She began planning the event last October and was pushed with stress and work until the day of the event; however, determination and concentration was never lost. Gramke began the basics of planning first, and then later focused her efforts on the mental aspect of the project. The venue in which the dance would be held was decided a little later and the DJ as well. Although the task was large, she didn’t do it all by herself. Each senior is paired up with a mentor that helps them through the project and gives them any assistance that is necessary. “I met and got advice from special ed teachers from Three Rivers. It also helped that my mentor was from there as well,” said Gramke. She prepared herself for the entire event by observing students for a day and a half, and also just asked for advice and suggestions about the dance while visiting Three Rivers. When the visits concluded, the advertisement of the event became her next goal. Flyers were created, and then distributed throughout the area. They were given to Oak Hills, Rapid Run, Three Rivers, and Margaret B. Rost. Later, Emily met with a journalist from the paper and gave the event some community light to help spread the word of the upcoming great event. After all the people attending the dance registered for the event, it was smooth sailing from there. The day of the event came, February 24 th , and it couldn’t have been a greater success. The smiles on the faces of the men and women brought joy to the hearts of all involved. Emily had her friends volunteer to help out during the dance and even they had a ball. “I encountered one specific man and we broke it down on the dance floor the whole time. It was evident that his favorite artist was Michael Jackson,” said Elder’s own Johnny Lane. Gramke’s parents were by her side the whole entire endeavor and worked with her to complete her goal. They were “very supportive and caring” over the entire project. Overall, the dance was a big success and Emily made Seton High School proud. The senior project bar was set high with this fantastic accomplishment; and it will be difficult to top it.