Heat are on a roll, and the Lakers are down below.

The Miami Heat is back in the title talk with OKC and the Spurs. The Lakers shock everyone with such a fail of a year, and the Knicks are looking for more than just a one and done playoffs this time around. As of March 7th, the Miami Heat is on a 16 game winning streak with the big three getting it done. At 45-14, LeBron James is up for the MVP once again with an average of 27 points, 7.2 assists, and 8.1 rebounds per game. As LeBron is searching for his third trip to the title in three years, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh have been the best second hand men that any team could ask for. For all the marbles, many people believe that the Heat is the front runner for the title once again. “They’re the best team, and LeBron is the best player in the world,” said senior Sam Otis. Seniors Jake Hilvert, Cooper Kyle, Casey Kyle, Luke Stolze and AJ Camarata all would agree with Otis, but Cooper Kyle had more to add. “Oh, I love them, great team, but I don’t think they can hold up to the tigers, the mighty Lourdes Tigers” Senior Sam Weddle believes his mother land, the Utah Jazz, will get to the finals. I would disagree. Predictions for the finals were pretty consistent. “Rematch Heat, Thunder” but the victory will go to the Heat, 4-2,” said Stolze. In an expert opinion, Mr. Gergen, business and government teacher, went into great detail on what is key for the Heat to win it all. Though LeBron will be the best player on the court and Wade is his second hand man, “Bosh is indispensable.” He explained on how clutch it is to have Bosh be on the outside as a mid-range to 3 point shooter as the entire defense crashes on James and Wade. Teams over play James and Wade leaving Bosh open for success. Whenever Bosh has an unreal night they typically win. He is the key that turns the lock all the way. The Knicks are in second in the East but I don’t see anyone really challenging the Heat except the Pacers. The Heat have only had one problem this season, the Pacers. 1-2 on the season, the Heat have struggled to come close to Indiana. The last loss Miami had was to the Pacers “Love to see Indiana give a tough road for Miami,” said Mr. Gergen If you had to pick a team out of the East, it would have to be Miami. Carmelo Anthony has been a great scorer this year but he will not be able to match the Miami Heat. They are the only two contenders to give the Heat a run for the Eastern Conference title, but they will not stop the “big three”. The West is loaded this year, with OKC and the Spurs as the top two teams, they also have the Grizzlies and the Clippers in third and fourth place with just 19 losses. OKC, San Antonio, Memphis, the LA Clippers, and the Denver Nuggets out of the West have a better record than the New York Knicks, who are in second place in the East. The drop off from first place to second in the East is significant, but not in the West. I see the Oklahoma City Thunder making their way back to the Finals against the Heat. “OKC is much more athletic and younger, hurts San Antonio,” said Mr. Gergen Mr. Gergen also does not believe in the Clippers yet, but Senior AJ Camarata would disagree. He believes that the Clippers will represent the West as he said, “The Thunder can’t do it twice.” Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have shown that they can be a two man team with sidekicks. Since the Thunder lost James Harden to negotiating deals, they have shown no slacking off this season. The Lakers are a fail, and they suck. Nothing much to add to that other than the Kryptonite for Superman Howard is winning. The MVP run this year is clearly in the direction of LeBron James. Though Kevin Durant will run away with the scoring title, LeBron is the all-around star with an average of eight rebounds and seven assist compared to Durant’s 5 assists with just under eight rebounds. LeBron looked slow out of the gate this year but with Miami’s16 game winning streak, LeBron’s stats have gone through the roof. As it looks now Miami is going for the title with LeBron James winning his fourth MVP trophy. The big question is who will show up in the playoffs, the 2012 big three or the 2011 big three?