Sony reveals Playstation 4 new features

Many rumors are circulating about the new Playstation 4 console. Some of these rumors are untrue and others are still yet to be confirmed by Sony, the creators of the product. One of the biggest rumors which has been confirmed is the introduction of the Bioshock 4 controller. The Bioshock 4 controller shares many similarities with the Bioshock 3 controller, but also has some new features. The layout of the buttons and analog sticks is pretty much the exact same. However, the new Bioshock 4 controller has a new built-in touchpad and speaker added to its arsenal. A new social feature has also been added to the PS4. Players can access a whole new social media feature with the press of a button on the controller. With this social feature, players can share gameplay with fellow gamers and view friends’ gameplays as well. Also, other players on other consoles can control your on-screen avatar if you get stuck on a level in an adventure game. The new PS4 is PS Vita compatible and also has another new feature called the “PS4 eye.” The PS4 eye is a set of two cameras on the console and seems to be Sony’s answer to the Xbox Kinect; your move Microsoft. Everyone is probably wondering what the new console looks like and why this article doesn’t include a picture of what seems to be an amazing device. Unfortunately, Sony only released replicas and images of the Bioshock 4 controller, not the PS4 console itself. At a starting price of $400, gamers are going to have to dig deep in their pockets to own the PS4. Sony announced that they hope to out-sell Microsoft’s new console and the Wii U this Christmas. One of the most notorious Playstation 3 gamers at Elder, Kyle Federmann, said he was very excited about the PS4 and plans on buying it when he gets the money. “I think PS3 is awesome, and PS4 is a huge upgrade from that…I don’t even know how I’m going to describe the PS4…” On the other hand, Federmann was a bit upset when he heard the news that the PS4 will not play PS3 games. “I’ve spent a pretty decent amount of money on PS3 games, and I don’t see why the console won’t play PS3 games, but I guess it’s all a marketing thing.” Another avid PS3 gamer, Adam Sponaugle, was also interested to see what the PS4 has to offer. “I’m not sure if I’m going to buy the PS4, but it seems like it’s pretty amazing.” Sponaugle seemed somewhat indifferent about the new console, and continued to say that he thought the $400 starting price was pretty steep. Ben Beall, another PS3 fanatic, had a different opinion about the PS4. “Now everyone is going to get the PS4, and I’m not going to have anyone to play PS3 with,” Beall boldly stated. “I’m not going to buy the PS4 because it’s way too much money. I’m happy with my PS3.” With three different opinions on the console and still a lot of rumors floating around, the console race this holiday season is going to be a good one. As Sony reveals more and more about its product and the Wii U already on shelves, it’s going to be interesting to see how Microsoft approaches the 2013 holiday season. It will be even more interesting to see who wins the console race in 2013.