Out like a light

As the end of senior year is in our sights, the students that are hardly alive for the school day become more apparent. Students maneuver their body to a position where it looks like they are paying attention and taking well rounded notes, but really they are taking a solid little snooze. At Elder, three prominent students stand out as the “playmakers” of sleeping. They bob their heads, cover their faces, and leave distinguishable prints of their arm on their face, but at the same time put on quite a little show for the rest of the class. “There sure are a lot of snoozers in the senior class. It keeps the class room comical sometimes,” said senior Jake Wendling. Coming in at the third slot for the student that sleep the most during class is Elder Journalism’s own Blaise Weber. When entering a classroom, you may hear Blaise utter comments such as “Reered” and “Sgooo” illustrating his positive attitude. Although Blaise is upbeat and energetic at the beginning of class, he hits a wall about 20 minutes in and it really takes a toll on him. Blaise is notorious for just passing out sitting up, while dipping his head all the way down until his nose touches the desk. The best part is when Weber is awakening from his slumber, confused, to a quietly giggling full classroom. In the beginning of the year Blaise struggled day by day, but by now he is learning to stay awake. Following Blaise is the great Johnny Lane. The most ironic part about this situation is that they happen to be next door neighbors; there must be something in the water. Johnny also has a positive attitude walking into the classroom, but once the teaching begins, lights out. Johnny struggles to stay awake throughout half of his class periods and is famous for the way he hides his mid-class hibernation. Senior Hayden Cook has first period calculus with Johnny and said, “It is almost an art. I have no idea how he does it. Every time I look at him when he’s out I just have to start laughing to myself.” Johnny slouches a tad bit in his chair, and slowly drifts off into a deep sleep. His head hunches forward while his back is against the seat. It looks like the worst sleeping position in the world; however, he rarely gets in trouble for doing it. Lastly, Elder’s most frequent sleeper so far this year is senior Josh Freed. Josh is asleep literally 70% of the day, without an exaggeration. The teachers nag daily on his sleeping habits, but he simply cannot help it. It has been passed around that he doesn’t even awake from his nap between classes and just sleep walks to his next period. It is quite bizarre, but possibly true. He sleeps in any possible position that he can form his body. “I have seen him awake probably twice this year,” said senior Vincent Pfirrman In conclusion, the Elder student body contains several snoozers that really know how to take a power nap. Although some are unlucky when it comes to getting away with it, there are a few who know the tips and tricks that could help you sleep away an entire day of classes. If you can find them awake long enough to tell you.