Jerseys with sleeves; Why mess with success?

Basketball jerseys are by far some of the most unique in the world of sports. However, people may change their minds after seeing the new jerseys for teams such as Louisville and the Golden State Warriors. These new jerseys, do in fact, have short sleeves on them. They are compression jerseys so they are skin tight as well. In my opinion, these jerseys look just downright goofy. The NCAA and NBA should spend their time and money on their organizations, not on these new jerseys. In my opinion, these new jerseys look quite similar to the outfits that cyclists such as Lance Armstrong would wear. The picture on this page is what all of these jerseys will look like in fit and general style. The retro basketball jerseys are a lot better in the minds of most basketball fans, NCAA or NBA. I talked to Logan Steiner, a fan of sports uniforms in general. I catch Logan often looking at uniforms for various sports teams on the internet whether it be football, basketball or baseball. The usual occurrence is often Logan tapping me on the shoulder saying, “Look how sick these uniforms are”. Logan didn’t know about some of these uniforms until I told him and he was shocked. “I am sort of let down by this. It’s basketball not the Tour De France!” said Logan when I showed him the picture depicted above. I asked Logan if he would still be a fan if all teams switched to this style, he replied with “No, definitely not. Uniforms should be something that a player should be proud of, not just touse for a fashion statement.” Bottom line, these jerseys look ridiculous. As of now, only a handful of teams are planning on giving these jerseys a try. Personally, I don’t think it’s too good a fit for basketball. Like I stated earlier, they look like they’re about to go get on a bike and ride for a few miles. I’d like to see the retro jerseys come back with the cool logos, not all of this complex nonsense which basketball and football uniforms are turning to. After witnessing these changes to a long established sport, I leave these teams with one question: “Why mess with success”?