Nasty Nati–the 9th safest city in the country?

While driving downtown taking pictures, we encountered nine different police cars in twenty minutes. Though we were amazed by the plethora of officers, that wasn’t what caught us off guard. According to a latest list,Cincinnati was listed as the ninth safest city in the United States. To determine their list of America’s safest cities, looked at the country’s 40 largest metropolitan statistical areas across four categories of danger. They considered violent crime rates from the FBI’s 2008 uniform crime report; 2008 workplace death rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics; 2008 traffic death rates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; and natural disaster risk, using rankings from green living site. On a scale to 40, Cincinnati scored 8 of 40 in violent crimes; 27 of 40 in workplace deaths, 20 of 40 in traffic deaths and a very low 2 of 40 in natural disaster risk. When we think about Cincinnati, many things come to mind. Whether it is the bad drivers or the large collection of historical architecture everyone has an opinion about Cincinnati. The City of Seven Hills has one of the largest historic districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places in its Over-the-Rhine district. Though it has seen some rough times,Over-the-Rhine is on its way back up. With the building and remodeling of houses and businesses, OTR is quickly becoming one of the nicest neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Cincinnati hosts many annual events including the Cincinnati Masters tennis tournament, the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade and Oktoberfest, which celebrates our prominent German heritage. Opening Day in Cincinnati is truly special. The city shuts down for the day in order to catch the parade and a Reds victory. The Reds are the only team in Major League Baseball with a guaranteed Opening Day home game. The Queen City is known for several unique foods, above all else, though, is its chili. Cincinnati is known to some as the chili capital of the world. You can never go wrong with combination of chocolate, allspice, cloves and cinnamon that make Cincinnati Chili so delicious. And if you want some desert to top of your chili dinner, you can’tgo wrong with Cincinnati originals such as United Dairy Farmers or Graeter’s. Bootsy Collins, WALK THE MOON, Nick Lachey, Afghan Wigs, The Heartless Bastards and Elder alum B-Shields are just a few of the famous bands born in Cincinnati. Cincinnati is a big music city with venues such as US Bank Arena and Riverbend Music center. The city as seen stars from the Beatles (and Paul McCartney himself), The Rolling Stones and newer artists such as Kenny Chesney,Tim McGraw , Blink-182 and The Lumineers just to name a few. With the 2015 MLB All-star Gamescheduled in Cincinnati, there are bound to be many changes within the city limits. By 2015, the streetcar will have been finished, Phase II of the Bankswill have been completed, and more revitalization will have occurred in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Cincinnati is our city, our home. To live in a city so rich with tradition is simply amazing,and we are so happy to be able to call ourselves, “Proudly Cincinnati”.