Nick Spicker top in the state

Senior hockey goalie Nick Spicker started his career as a freshman. It was the first year that he even learned how to skate let alone play hockey. He wanted to learn to play goalie and took the challenge running. By the beginning of his sophomore year he was splitting time in the net but towards the end of the year he was starting full time. At that point in his career the Ohio all-time career saves record wasn’t even on his mind. Spicker said, “It really wasn’t something I thought was possible until my dad got on the website and told me he thought it was possible.” Aside from being goalie, Nick is also the assistant captain for the Panthers. “Nick is a good leader and always has the team’s best interest in mind”, said senior teammate Adam Sponaugle. “He is very hard working but at the same time know how to enjoy himself on the ice,” said Adam. “Not only does he play hard but he practices hard, gives one hundred percent, and is a perfectionist; that is what makes Nick so good,” said Adam. Nick has been approaching the career saves record since the beginning of the year and surpassed the record on 1/19/13 against Ottowa Hills when he recorded a shutout. The old record was set at 2407 saves and now it will be upward of 2500, since the season is still ongoing. Nick said, “Honestly the record wasn’t a real big deal to me when it happened, but it really helps to tell coaches and scouts that I have the record.” Nick went on to say that “the coolest thing about it is that Elder is now in the record book and has a number one spot for hockey.” Nick also said, “I couldn’t have done this without my teammates; especially the kids that really helped me learn how to play back during freshman year.” I asked Nick what he thought about hockey in the future and he said, “I really want to play juniors, tier 2 would be awesome but it will probably be tier 3 if anything.” Aside from trying to play juniors, he has been getting some serious consideration from Wright State and St. Louis, but he still thinks juniors will be the best route for him.