Lewis call it quits

Ray Lewis was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 1996 draft, and he stayed for his entire career. Some love him, and some hate him. Ray Lewis is a hard-working, inspirational, and emotional player that is very respected linebacker throughout the league. No one ever really thought Lewis was going to retire because he continues to work so hard and when he gives it his all on the field, his age doesn’t show. He just finished his 17th season, which is the only season he wasn’t voted to the Pro-Bowl game due to a torn tricep. Although he wasn’t voted an all-star, he ended his career in the best way by becoming a Super Bowl champion for the second time. Elder linebacker, Trevor Ginn, had some words to say about one of his favorite players. “Regardless of what he went through off the field, he was one of the biggest studs I’ve ever seen when he was on the field.” Ray Lewis’ on the field accomplishments will forever be spoiled by his connection to a double murder that occurred in Atlanta back in 2000. Lewis was never proven guilty, but whether he did it or not, the thought of the subject and the families’ grief will haunt him for a long time. Recent questions have been asked to Ray about the use of deer antler spray which is an illegal substance that supposedly speeds up the healing process of an injury. When asked the questions, he just laughed and said, “This has to be a joke.” Lewis will be remembered as one of the best, if not the best, linebacker in history. He will also be remembered for his hard work, his crazy work ethic, his pregame speeches, his preaching about God, or even his weird squirrel dance coming out of the tunnel before the game. Ray is one of my favorite players, but I often wonder maybe his passion, fire, aggressiveness, and strong faith in God was fueled by what happened on that mysterious night back in Atlanta thirteen years ago.