Elder Panthers vs. La Salle Lancers: Preview

The long awaited day has come. Tonight the Elder Panthers will be taking on the La Salle Lancers in the Pit, and it will be one great game to watch. Although the Panthers are coming off the recent loss against Withrow, they still have enough momentum to take it to them tonight. The starting five tonight include senior Trevor Ginn, juniors Thomas Autenrieb and Devin Pike, and sophomores Kyle Orloff and Brad Miller. They plan to take the court with fierceness and aggressiveness according to Trevor Ginn. “Our game plan is to minimize turnovers and use the fundamentals to our advantage,” exclaimed Ginn. With Pike in the paint, the combo between the great guards and him is mostly unstoppable when they all play to their potential. Having Thomas Autenrieb and Brad Miller drilling threes and making routine lay ups throughout the game will be a large asset for the Panthers tonight. Trevor Ginn and Kyle Orloff continue to be utility players and are all over the court making plays for the bloodthirsty Panthers. Coming off the bench we have a large force in the paint that will prove to be dominant as the game goes on and that is Jake Hilvert. His size and ability to move contribute to the team immensely. Junior Thomas Autenrieb was speaking about the game and said, “We are going to jump out on them early and get a lead. After that, we will rely on the pit to continue to be rowdy.” Although the Portable Pit has been absent for the majority of the games this year, tonight will not be the case. A gigantic crowd will be present, and the fans and student section will be wired with electricity and excitement. Cheering and support will fill the gym while the Panthers take the Lancers down. All week the students of Elder High have been looking forward to this game. Our senior Communications Officer Tyler Loebker said, “It is Wednesday right now and I already want Friday to be here. It will be a crazy game. I promise. Lancers do not roll deep.” Overall, the night looks promising. As game time approaches, excitement rises.