Panthers hit the slopes earlier than expected

Perfect North Slopes ski area is now open with early dose of winter weather


Skiing on snow, swerving pockets of grass

As old man winter tightens his frozen grip over the west side, it forces the residents to take refuge indoors. Basketball courts are frozen over, football fields are covered in snow, making the only sports available indoors.

There is, however, one place where in snow is not discouraged, rather encouraged. In fact, they even make their own snow when Mother Nature doesn’t do her job. This winter wonderland is simple known as Perfect North Slopes.

For those of you who have never heard of Perfect North, which is very few I’m sure, it is a ski resort located just west of Cincinnati in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.  The resort is a short 30 minutes away for most Elder students, and consists of 14 snow runs, and two terrain parks to ensure there is plenty do for the average skier or snowboarder.

With this year’s early start to winter, Perfect North was able to open at one its earliest times ever, November 24. The ski lifts were spinning, though the resort was not fully open. For the first few days of the season, Perfect runs on “Bonus Days” since not all of the runs are open, they give special perks such as free guest passes for card holders to bring a friend.

With the early opening of the slopes, the snow covered hills began to get covered in purple. With Elder being off the first and second of December, it was as if the hills were reserved for the Panthers.

Junior Sam Middendorf was one of the students who took advantage of his day off by making it to the slopes.

“There wasn’t much open,” said Middendorf. “There was a lot of grass, but there was still enough Nar Pow to shred with my bros.”

With the crazy weather that effects Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, Perfect struggled to keep the hills white. A majority of hills were open, but it was more of strips of snow surrounded by green grass. One still has to give the staff of Perfect North props for having as much snow as they did with the rain and fluctuating temperatures.

The high temperatures didn’t phase the avid skiers and boarders. On the second day the lifts were spinning, temperatures reached the 50’s. “The snow was a little slushy but still a blast to sink my skies into,” I was told from senior skier David Meyer.

Perfect North is not just a winter haven for the skiers and boarders, but also a form of income for many Elder students. Numerous Panthers can be seen working the ski lifts, and other areas around the slopes.

Eric Mazza is a first year employee at Perfect North and could not be more excited for the start of the winter season.

“I am sooooooo excited they are finally open,” said Mazza. “The longer they are open, the longer I work, and that means more money in my pocket.”

“Working at Perfect North is perfect for anyone to make a little extra money in the winter.” said first year employee Brady Schultz. “The perks are great, free skiing, and I get a dope Perfect North jacket.”

Perfect North has just opened its gates and is providing many opportunities for one to hit the slopes. The hours and days open change depending on the weather, but will remain pretty constant as we get deeper into winter.