Illuminati at Super Bowl?

The modern idea of the Illuminati is basically that they are a conspiracy-based group that tries to mastermind plans around the world with the idea of a “new world order”. Most supposed Illuminati members are famous individuals, leading many to believe that members of the group sell their souls to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune. Some members of the organization include Jay Z, Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and even Kim Kardashian. The main member of this group we will focus on is Beyonce, who performed at half time of the Super Bowl. Like I said before she is a known member of the group and after her show was performed, if you look at the performance again, you can clearly see her flashing the sign of the Illuminati with her hands. You can clearly see this well-known gesture in the picture for this article. Another slight, but prevalent piece of evidence of the Illumuminati’s presence was the power outage in the third quarter. This was the biggest football game of the year, wouldn’t the lights be checked to assure this wouldn’t happen? Just an idea here, but each day ends with darkness and begins with light. Could the lights going out have been a warning of a “new world order” on the rise? The last sign of an Illuminati appearance was the touchdown return from Jacoby Jones early in the third quarter. One would think it was just a regular return. But if you’ve seen The Dark Night Rises , you’d see in comparing his return with Hines Ward’s from the movie. Seeing them side-by-side is spooky. The movie is related because the plot follows prisoners who are trying to take over the city then the world, which yes, would be a “new order.” After asking students about the potential of the Illuminati’s showing, senior Bill Macke said this, “If you honestly believe they were at the Super Bowl, you don’t have enough brain cells to walk and chew gum”, a little brash of a statement but a popular belief among skeptics. Two other students, however, do believe the Illuminati were there. Senior Tyler Nieberding said, “The picture (of Beyonce) proves it all.” And junior Davis Rensing said, “I kind of believed in the organization before, but the Jacoby Jones-Hines Ward returns verify that they aren’t messing around”. I’m not trying to say they were or weren’t there, but the points given will certainly make you think. So in the future keep your eyes peeled and you could catch a glimpse of the secret group yourself. Beware of the Illuminati.