Panthers at the next level

AJ Burdine Senior AJ Burdine had a wild ride throughout his high school football career at Elder High School. Coming into freshman football, Burdine was a running back for the Panthers. As the years flew past, he played many different positions. After being called up to the varsity squad sophomore year, AJ got some reps at the fullback position, while maintaining reps at running back on junior varsity. Junior year wasn’t only a rough season for Burdine, but for all. AJ was alternating with fellow junior tailback, Jimmy White. Coming into his senior season, Burdine wanted to switch things up a bit. Starting off the preseason trying out for linebacker, he found it more comfortable playing at defensive end. After multiple Division 1 offers, AJ Burdine decided to become a Redhawk at Miami (OH) University. Catching up with AJ, he explained why he wanted to be a Redhawk. “It came down to choosing between Miami and Boston College. I took a visit and I loved everything about Miami, and it’s close.” AJ hopes to become a starter on the Redhawk defense as soon as possible and plans to work as hard as he can to earn that spot. Nick Marsh Junior season, Marsh was starting at blocking tight end, but was second string behind senior Nick Custer for tackle. Following some suspensions, Marsh finally got some playing time and had a chance to prove himself. He definitely didn’t do as well as he wanted to, but he got the job done. Many people wondered how Marsh would do the following season. As senior year rolled around, Nick began to prove himself as a player. Being a standout offensive tackle, he earned second team GCL honors. Marsh began to receive multiple college letters including Dayton, Buter, and Brown. Next season, Nick Marsh will be attending Brown, an Ivy League school that competes with Harvard and Yale. “They are what I’m looking for in a college. They have a great program with coaches I love and the academics of an Ivy League school are unbeatable” Mike Schroer Late sophomore season, Mike was moved up to Varsity because the coaches knew he would be something in the next two years, as long as he got experience. As the junior season approached for Schroer, he earned a starting spot at center. But he still battled through some injuries. Senior year, he deservingly was voted as a captain. Also battling injuries this past year, Schroer fought through them and made himself a big name in high school football. Although he isn’t the tallest, he is very strong, and that’s what makes Schroer a big time pick up for any college. “I’m very fortunate to be offered a scholarship to Marian University, but I hope to get one to Indianapolis University, that’d be great,” Mike said happily. Schroer hopes to make himself a big name player wherever he ends up playing ball. Marc McGeorge Being called up to varsity as a sophomore, Marc started at defensive tackle. Junior year wasn’t a great one, when the Panthers went a disappointing 2-8. Although a bumpy season, McGeorge still managed to make big plays. The next season, Marc’s senior year, he made a decision to move to linebacker. Many people doubted the move, saying he wasn’t fast enough, or didn’t have the footwork. Come senior season, McGeorge proved many wrong. Being a top defender in the GCL, he led the league in sacks and made first team all GCL. Also, Marc led the team in tackles. Having such a breakout season, McGeorge was offered by four colleges. “I am still undecided where to go next year, I am still taking visits. I don’t know, probably taking Ray Lewis’ spot on the Ravens.” Marc plans on taking a visit to his leading school, Morehead State, in a couple of weeks. But there is still hope for other schools. Jake Hilvert Jake definitely had an break out year this past football season. Hilvert made multiple teams including first team GCL, first team All-City, second team Southwest Ohio, and GCL Lineman of the year. Being an offensive lineman, there aren’t many statistics you can put up. This past season, Hilvert had 52 pancakes, including his whopping 21 in the victory against Highlands. Getting multiple letters from various D-1 colleges and taking plenty of visits, Jake was unsure where to go. His decision came down to Buffalo and Miami (OH), he chose to become a Redhawk with fellow Panther, AJ Burdine. Jake explained why he chose Miami. “It’s close to home, and I get to be with one of my best friends (Burdine).” Hilvert plans to continue working hard and feels he can get some playing time quickly on the offensive line at Miami.