Shane Jansen: Young programmer, exciting programs

Making games? Check. Creating Android apps? Sure. Learning new languages? Of course. Does Shane Jansen know a few things about computer programming? His binary skills speak for themselves. The Elder High School senior is constantly expanding his technological repertoire. His interest in programming was discovered nearly three years ago when he decided to attend the popular ALICE class. During the semester, Jansen learned many programming techniques that he still applies today. His interest inspired him to form the ALICE club for fellow game designers. Last year, Jansen took is talents to new heights by challenging himself with the AP Computer Science course. Throughout the entire year, Jansen learned the Java programming language and how to apply technology to real-life situations. Literally. Jansen recently created a new Android app that keeps track of a baby’s progress as it grows inside the mother’s womb. However, this program isn’t just designed for pregnant women. Jansen stated that anybody who wants to learn about the fetal development process can download the application from the Google Play store. “The App Store makes it easier to send out updates,” Jansen concluded. “People can easily look up an app and immediately download it.” A free version of the program is available, but a Pro edition is selling for one dollar. On startup, the user is asked to type in the current week of pregnancy. The screen immediately jumps to a beautiful picture of a fetus, baby, or young child. “It was hard trying to find non-copyrighted pictures,” Jansen said. Underneath the image, a list of informative facts tells the user about the growing fetus during this particular week. The user can look back on previous weeks and track the baby’s progress throughout the entire nine months. On Sunday, the app automatically updates to the new week, showing off a new picture and a plethora of facts. On the lower part of the screen, a certain button leads the user to a Pro-Life website. This encourages the mother to carry her baby to term. Jansen was quick to remark about the app’s success, claiming that over two hundred people from across the globe have downloaded the program. All things considered, that statistic is astounding. Apart from the Fetus Development App, Shane Jansen has programmed games. Occasionally, he uploads his creations to the popular gaming website, Kongregate, where anybody with an internet connection can enjoy the fruits of his labor. After all is said and done, only one question remains. Does Shane Jansen truly know a few things about computer programming? The answer, quite simply, is APPsolutely.