Time to Move On?

More than five months after “The Dark Knight Rises” shooting in Colorado, the Century 16 Theater in Aurora is reopening. To mark the event the staff is inviting the families of the victims to come to the reopening, which will include an evening of remembering. However, nine families have made it clear that they will be “boycotting” this event claiming that it is offensive to the memory of their loved ones. Obviously this is a delicate situation that should be cautiously discussed, but in my opinion vocally and fiercely rejecting this invitation is a step too far. I respect the families of the nine victims’ decision to not attend the event. That is their choice to make. However, I think it is too far to call the invitation “disgusting and wholly offensive to the memories of our loved ones.” I understand that the loss of loved ones is a horrible tragedy and having to suffer through it can be a painful experience. However, at some point it is time to conquer the pain and move on. If you continue to live in the past and continue to be miserable then nothing positive can be gained. I know it is difficult to understand sometimes but even among the most unfortunate events, you have to make something positive come out of it. If you continue to let the past control you and depress you then those who died might have died in vain. We can’t let the situation be a waste, we must press on and make something out of it.