It’s the new app that has everyone excited; the new version of the old game called Boggle. It’s a puzzle of words called Ruzzle. It involves three rounds played against another user on a 4×4 game board. Each word has a certain amount of points to it, with over 300 words on each game board there are plenty of ways to get new high scores every time a game is played. The average player usually ends up scoring about thirty-five to forty words a round which is nothing really considering there are over three-hundred words on each board. The reason for this is because most of the words are words most people have never heard of or they’re just almost impossible to see. I asked senior Josh Moore, a Ruzzle fanatic his thoughts on this and he said, “It’s crazy to me that a board holding only sixteen letters can form over three-hundred words, it makes me feel really stupid when I only score forty each round.” Even though forty words doesn’t seem like it’s a lot, it really is when there are bonuses attached to some. For example, on each board some letters have double and triple points attached to them allowing some words to score over one-hundred points. Ruzzle has three two minute rounds. Each round the player receives a score each round and at the end all three are combined to create the final score. In the first round there are only two or three bonuses causing the average score to be lower than the other two rounds. The first round for the average player is usually around 150 to 200. However, when the player reaches the second round the scores go up a little bit due to the bonuses present on the board. The second round usually ends around 300 usually making a little gap in between each players score. The third round though is when things really get crazy. This round is when almost half the letters have bonuses attached to them providing the player with the capability of scoring over 1000 in one round! It gets as intense as any other game and is extremely fun. I asked senior Jack Backscheider his thoughts on the game and he said, “I love it, I am pretty much addicted. Each night I find myself up later than I used to ever stay up playing against my friends.” Jack isn’t the only one guilty of this, almost all of my friends could say this as well. It really is a fun game and if you haven’t played it yet I highly suggest giving it a try. It won’t be a disappointment, you’ll find yourself addicted as soon as you start.