New semester, new you?

It seems like at the end of the winter break students get an extra boost of energy which causes them to make crazy resolutions. So many students do this without even realizing it. It usually starts subtly with an inner thought like, “I’m going to start my homework before 4:30 everyday.” This usually lasts about as long as a slinky is functional, which isn’t a long time. So here are the top four new semester resolutions. 4.) Get to bed at a reasonable hour every night. Now, even though this one isn’t directly related to school, it can help in overall academic achievement. Hitting the sack earlier in the night can definitely help attentiveness in the classroom which will make your grades act like a hot air balloon, they’re going up. 3.) Take better and tidier notes. When a new semester comes around that usually means you students are going to be busting out brand new notebooks with fresh white pages. One of the problems that always happens is the metal binding gets all messed up, and it becomes a bigger mess than Taylor Swift’s relationships. 2.) Be prepared for class. There is always that one guy in class who never has a pen, and asks to borrow a pen, don’t be that guy. That guy is more annoying than the entire Jersey Shore cast at a gym with an open bar in it. So while the break is still going on go get some more supplies and don’t be that guy. 1.) Get better grades. Clearly this is going to be the number one semester resolution. Honestly, who walks in to the 2nd semester thinking “I want worse grades, I did too well first semester”. Everyone wants better grades after that long break. Even though most people will get tired of doing these resolutions after a week or so, it felt good to try and be better.